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14th August 2015 - My first blog post.

My First Blog Post
Hello my blogger fan's this is my very first blog post for my site. Thank you for reading and hope enjoy.
I've been spending the past 2 weeks now writing notes for my blog on what I want to write about and what will keep people interested in reading each week. So did my research first and thought I would give it a go. From what I have planned so far I'm quite happy with what I want my blog to be about.
But I thought for my first blog I would write about what I have been up to the past weekend and week as this will be about my lifestyle.
My weekend started on Friday, I had my sister come and pick me up for the weekend. we went Into town for a few hours first where I got my self a new outfit from new look which I love so much and really does give me a new look. We grab lunch in town and head off for more shopping to hunt for our supermarket bought dinner to finish our girly day out and dear lord must of been in there for an hour and half maybe, I've never known my sister take so long to do food shopping in my whole life. When we finally got back to my mums house which was coming up to 7pm we chose to watch a film, so her partner put on the DVD hangover which I haven't seen in quite while so I really enjoyed that. The film involves characters such as Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifiankis who travel to Las Vegas for a Batchelor party which gets so out of control they lose their memory and friend. The film is based around trying to find out what happened last night and eventually where their friend is in the never sleep city.
I went to my first steam rally of the year on the Saturday and I really enjoyed it spending time with my family [my mum, step dad and my uncle and my steam rally friends]. My uncle let me drive his steam engine around the site for the first go whilst my step dad looked upon as im still learning but I did pretty well if I have to say no crashes or anything just ended up covered in coal and sut that's all but that's apart of being a steamer you go clean but come home black! As a normal steam rally we did our pub run which is where all the steam engines and drivers get together and drive on the public road to the nearest pub we can find and spend about 3 hours there max to just come steaming back to the camp for yep you guessed it more drinks!.. Well that's what there for so I get told but there right.
 There are many different types of rally's each year however this one was only a small one so there wasn't as many people or engines in comparison to the much bigger ones where you have shows and funfairs to keep the crowds going. I never knew what a steam engine was until my mum met my step dad and she got us both into this new hobby and it is really fun, I urge many people to experience it at least once. He's currently building his own steam engine for us to take to rally so then we don't have borrow anyone else's and the need to ask for a ride.
(An old photo of me next to a good 8 year old steam engine)
That evening my sister wanted to get me a facial which involved massaging of the face with different treatments (come on you cant say no to that). It had to be the best one I've had felt so relaxed afterwards. Once fully pampered we watched a film I haven't seen before called Taken 3 even though I fell asleep half way through it! (so sleepy) however from what I saw it was a pretty good film involving Liam Neeson.
The Sunday was mainly a lazy Sunday like most of them and began waking up quite late, a shocking 12 o'clock late! I know bad right. Finally when I got out of bed me and sister didn't really do a lot we never do on a sunday.
So that was my weekend but this week I will admit its mostly just been setting up my blog planning on what I want to write about and how I want it to look like I never knew there were so many different layouts you can have just so much choice! But I finally setted on one I've also had my friend Emmie - Hope come over today to help me set up my blog with me so I would like to thank you to her for helping me.
Thank you for reading my very first blog post hope you enjoyed it
Much Love
Amy x

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