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Chocolate Chip Cookies - 17th August 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hey guy's so I made some chocolate chip cookies today I was really in a cookie mood so I though you know what I'm going to make a batch. I love baking so much I learned everything I know now from my mum. These cookies I make so often that I know this recipe by heart now. If you fancy making some of these amazing cookies everything you need to know is below. 
Here is the recipe
125g Butter (softened)
100g Light brown sugar
125g Caster sugar
1 Egg (beaten)
1 TSP vanilla extract
225g Self - raising flour
1/2 TSP salt
200g Chocolate chips
*Number of cookies my vary depending on how big or small you make them.
1. Preheat your over to 180'c, Gas mark 4
2. Once you have everything prepared, Cream your butter and sugars together until nice and creamy then combine in your beaten egg and vanilla.
3. Sift in flour and salt and mix will until dough like texture, Then add your chocolate chips and mix again.
4. Roll into walnut size ball's (depending on what size your wanting) For a more homemade look roll into a sausage shape and slice to make a neater looking cookies.
5.Place on ungreased baking paper or foil. Make sure they have enough space between each or for them to cook.
6. Place in oven and your delicious cookies will be golden brown in 10 minutes.
7. Take out the oven and leave them to cool and harden for a minutes before transferring to a wire cool rack. Once cool they are ready to serve.
Hope you enjoying making these cookies if you have made some then please share and comment below and show me your amazing work!
Happy baking!

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