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Film Review - 18th August 2015

Mouse Hunt Review - 18th August 2015
Actor's - Nathan Lane & Lee Evans
Director - Gore Verbinski
Yesterday I watched Mouse Hunt for the first time; how I've never seen this film is beyond me.
This film was made in 1997 and the story line is about two brothers named Lars and Ernie who's father passes away and leave them his outdated string factory and a run-down mansion. When Lars refuses to sell the string factory his wife April then threw him out with no where to go.  Meanwhile, Ernie serves Mayor McKrinkle in his restaurant, However the mayor became poisoned by a cockroach which made Ernie's restaurants become closed down and he no longer has no where to live too.
 As a result the two brothers have no choice but to move into the old mansion that there father left them. Once they get settled in there new home they find soon out that they have a visitor who also lives there. When they found out its a mouse they try everything in there power to get rid of him but everything they seem to try never work and they get the brunt of it all. Once they find out that the house it worth a lot of money and that many people are interested in buying it from them they started to rebuild the house but with there little room mate it makes it more work then it should be. Once it comes to auction day of the house they think that the mouse has been sorted but once he turns up at the auction with a little plan everything goes down hill and that house then floods leaving nothing left at all.
When both brothers spend a night in string factory with only a single chunk of cheese for food. The mouse, having followed the brothers, restarts and feeds the cheese into the machinery to make a ball of string cheese. Which inspires Ernie and Lars to open up a cheese factory.
I thought this film was a great film to watch which had everything you need; comedy and sadness. I would highly recommend this film to anymore young and old. This would be a perfect family film, even a date night or just for yourself. The story line is great easy to understand and to follow. Having Lee Evans in this film as well was also great because he is one of favourite comedians and seeing him in this film was strange at first because I've only seen him as a stand up comedian on stage but he definitely made this film what it is.
So I give this film 5 stars!
If you have also seen this film or haven't seen it but now have after reading this then please leave your comments below.
Much Love
Amy xxx

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