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Pain & Gain Review - 15th August 2015
Actor's - Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson &  Anthony Mackie.
Directed - by Michael Bay.
So I've watched Pain & Gain tonight because it stars two of my favourites actor's at the moment.
This film is based on at true story about three bodybuilders who want to become rich by taking everything that  Victor Kershaw has. The three team up and plan a kidnap scheme on Victor and torture him into signing over everything he owns to them. Once they revive the money they buy everything they want and try to lay low. 
Once their money quickly runs out they chose to take money off another but this plan then back fires rapidly and soon their wrong doing catches up with them in a twist of comedy moments.
What I thought to this film was its quite hard to understand at the very start as it appears to be everywhere trying to find its story. But to me it is a good film to watch if you like the actors involved and genre of film. I found some part that were very funny and some parts that were quite grim to watch also but overall a good film. I would watch this again and I recommend this film to anyone who love actions films its definitely a boys films but I know there are many girls out there who would watch it as well.
So if any of you have seen this film please feel free to leave your comment below on how you feel about the film what you like and don't like about it.
Much Love
Amy xxx

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