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Interview with Imogen -14th August 2015

Little Awkward Fox
Interview with the amazing Imogen
 1. What got you into blogging?
 I have always been into blogging. When I was about eleven I remember having my own blog on blog spot or something that was entirely dedicated to guys that I think are hot. Amazing. Really awful, but in any case I'm definitely a blogger at heart.

2. How long have you been blogging for?
My current blog has been up for a few years now, but I only started getting stuck in a few months ago. I took a year break in which I posted very little to nothing. I decided I needed some time to really understand what I wanted to blog about! Now I'm back and happy with my little blog. Though it's in desperate need of a makeover - can't sort this out until I replace my dead laptop!

3. What sort of topic's do you like to cover?
I love to write lifestyle content! My favourite series that I do is my "it's ok... Maybe." Posts! They're basically lists of things that everyone does that are a bit weird or funny! I love writing funny blog posts the most!

4. Do you have any favourite blogger's at the moment?
I will always love Essie Button. She is my favourite blogger ever. 

5. What you best post so far?
My best post would definitely be one of the it's ok maybe posts. They always seem to go down well with readers as well as hopefully making a few of them smile :)

6. What do you think are the positives and negatives of blogging?
The positive side of blogging is definitely the fantastic community! I've met so many lovely friends through blogging from all over the world, it's a fantastic way to learn about other cultures! For me there are no negatives, blogging is great!

7. Other then blogging what else do you like to do?
I love a good Netflix and pizza night. I like to watch comedies and play video games :)

8. Do you find blogging relaxes you?
Yes, definitely! I only write when I want to and what I want to so when I do it's really relaxing.

9. If there was only one thing you could do if life what would it be and why?
Oh gosh.. Ummm.. Probably have a lovely family of my own! I know it's cheesy, but if I could only do one thing I think it would have to be this!

10. If you was trap on island and could only take three thing what would they be and why?
A knife, matches aaaaand my glasses (I can't see without my glasses haha)
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Thank you very much Imogen for taking the time to answer these questions for
Much Love
Amy xx

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