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Lifestyle - Five Thing's 28th August 2015

Five Thing's
Hey guy's so another week is coming to an end and bank holiday weekend is upon us, I thought it was time to do my first Five Thing's my five things are from the weekend just gone up to today. This week has been quite a positive one to me enjoy reading guy's.
Five thing's that I've been happy about this week
1. Been to the gym everyday this week that I'm extremely proud off which I'm really starting to enjoy.
2.  planning my first summer holiday with my best friend next year which I'm really looking forward to now, Time to start saving!
3. Treated myself to he new Cinderella DVD which I haven't seen yet but been hear that is brilliant.
4. Applied for some new job's
5. Also planned to have a day/weekend away in London I've been wanting to go for some many years now.
Five thing's I've enjoyed watching this week
1. The Great British Bake Off.
2. Hell's Kitchen.
3. Him & Her (TV series)
4. Walking On Sunshine (DVD)
5. I Robot (DVD)
Five thing's I've enjoyed listening to this week
1. Wicked (The Musical)
2. Walking On Sunshine (Soundtrack)
3. Jess Glynne (Soundtrack)
4. Fifty Shades Of Grey (Soundtrack)
5. That's What I Call Disney
Five highlight's of August 2015
1. My brother's birthday meal which I was spent with my sister Emma and her partner Scott, My brother Adam and he's partner Laura, Also my uncle Dave & auntie Caroline, uncle Phil & auntie Diana.
2. Starting my blog and being motivated with my post's
3. Mini golf, Snooker and movie night with Amy which was a great day spending time together.
4. Steam rally weekend in Ashby.
5. Having Old Glory magazine e-mail be back saying here interested in having my steam rally blog's in there magazine.
I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post if you have any suggestions on music or programmes that I would like to watch or listen to then please get in contact.
Much Love
Amy xxx

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