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My Artwork - 31st August 2015

My Artwork
Hey guy's I wanted to do a post about some of my hobbies and I thought sharing my artwork with you would be a great idea.
I started drawing when I was about 17-18 years old and from then I just loved drawing. My brother Adam used to always draw different cartoon characters when he was young and I used to love watching him so I thought I would start drawing, I'm not going to lie it took me a good few try's to get where I am now.
The images above were my very first drawing I did that I was happy with, I also made these drawings into pottery which was great fun; took a good few lesson to get it the same as the drawing on a page but I got there. The second drawing was my first with shading technique and it turned out really well, this one is my mum's favourite out of all the ones I've done now.
 As the years went on I started drawing more and more I used to go to college then as soon as I came home I just started drawing, Id come home with these ideas in my head of what exactly I wanted to draw. Above are examples of a few of my ideas I drew free hand.
It came to point where my friends wanted drawing of themselves doing.
(My friend Jenna)
I draw from time to time now when I have spare time, But drawing is one of my main hobbies that I love doing. To me anyone can draw with a bit of practice most of my friends always say to me "How can you draw like that" But anyone can just takes time and patience with a good creative mind.
My favourite things I love drawing the most,
Anime Character's
Self portraits
My sister always tells me to send off my drawing's to different magazine companies to see if I can get a job in the lines of drawing but I've never been sure. Maybe I will someday and see where it takes me in the future. would love to be an artist for a children's book or magazine or even for a cartoon show or computer game, I think that would be an amazing opportunity to be in.
I've done many other drawings over the years that I have too many to even show you all on one post anyways so I've taken my favourite one to show you.

 Hope you enjoyed reading guy's
If you have any request you would like me to draw then please comment below
Much Love
Amy xxx

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