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10 Things I do on a rainy day - 21st September 2015

*All photos are taken by myself please don't steal.

Hey guy's so I've recently done a post on 50 facts about me and I wanted to do another one about 10 things I do when its a rainy day. Everyone knows when its raining you can't really go out and enjoy the day so here are my 10 thing I do on my rainy days indoors.
1. Hot chocolate or cup's of tea.
I love drinking tea even if its not a cold day but having warm cups of tea or hot chocolate just makes me feel so much better and makes me nice and toasty inside and out.

2. PlayStation 4 or Sims 4.
Just sitting there playing on my Final Fantasy games is another thing I like doing on a rainy day. Yes I'm a game geek but I cant help myself.
3. Hot relaxing baths with candles, music and Elemis face products.
I love having hot relaxing baths its takes all of my stress away and just the smell of my candles I have as well is just amazing and now having Lush bath bombs also just make it 100% better.
*Had to share this photo just love it-taken by myself please don't steal.
4. Netflix's and snacks.
Watching films on Netflix's with some good munch is another great way for me to unwind and also great to catch up on films I haven't seen yet or I've not seen in years
5. Snuggled under my blanket with a book.
The best part of Autumn is being able to snuggle under my blanket day or night reading one of my books that I have at the moment.
6. Doing my cross stich or drawing.
I've always enjoyed doing cross stitch and I think there perfect to do on a rainy day. Just siting there creating a picture which I can then frame or everyone to see.
7. Visiting other blog pages or writing new post's
I love blogging now its my number one hobby, I love writing new post and visiting other people that I love and seeing what they have been up to or what they have review this week. Feels great supporting them all.
8. Watching DVD box set's
Watching my favourite box set is the best I always watch my One Tree Hill its the best box set I have and I never get board of watching them over and over again. A box set, blanket and snacks P E R F E C T.
9. Spending the day in warm PJ's
Probably the most comfy cloths I have in my wardrobe and just love being in them.
10. Watching and listening to the rain trickle down the window.
The most relaxing thing to do ever! and so fascinating to see if the different shapes.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post on what I do on a rainy day.
Much Love

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