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50 Facts About Me - 21th September 2015

*Image was created by myself please don't steal.

Hey guy's so I've been itching to do a fun post and thought it was time to do a post on 50 facts about me so all of you can get to know me a lot more better,
so here are 50 random facts about me.
1. I have no piercings or tattoo's.
2. My favourite colour is P I N K.
3. I had a horse riding accident when I was 14 years old - I got bucked off a shire horse while I was doing a jump which when she ran straight over me luckily I didn't brake any bone's.
4. I have a big family.
5. Speaking of family, I am the youngest of three, I'm the baby - I have a older sister called Emma and a older brother called Adam.
6. My mum is called Susan and my step dad is called Richard.
7. I'm scared of spiders and moths.
8. In 2013 I went to Disney Land Paris for the very first time L O V E D it.
9. I work in retail in a shop called Armstrong Mill.
10. I love Channing Tatum! - But who doesn't.
11. My favourite food and drink is pizza and cup's of tea 
12. I find it hard to get things of my chest, I keep them in side for as long as I can.
13. I sometimes suffer with panic attack's which I cant stand.
14. I love being in PJ's all day there so comfy.
15. My favourite holiday is Christmas I love all the lights and decorations you see everywhere.
16. I've always wanted to become a singer and do musical show's - I did a college course but I would love to join a musical theatre company now.
17. I want to live on a farm and have my own horse.
18. I would love to visit Italy when I've stopped being so scared of planes.
19. I love Lush products especially there bath bomb's
20. I love strawberry's even though I don't eat them but I still love them.
21. I love bonfire night - hot chocolate, warm clothes, fire works and a huge fire what can you not love about that.
22. I live with my mum and step dad
23. I have cat called Jack
24. I love my mum's doggy Millie.

25. My dream job is to work in Dog Trusts, a pet shop or just something to do with animals.
26. I love nights in watching Netflix's
27. I do cross stiches 
28. I dance around my house to my favourite music - Only when I'm on my own though. Music is my life always makes me feel better. 
29. I've been in a car accident in 2012 after coming back from see Nicki Minaj in Birmingham.
30. I've been to 2 Lee Evans tours - Is my best comedian ever.
31. My favourite singer is Britney Spear's
32. I'm Elemis beauty freak there products are amazing.
33. My favourite dessert is chocolate fudge cake Y U M M Y.
34. I'm a PS4 and Sims 4 geek - Yes I do play games.
35. I love shopping.
36. I love going to steam rallies with my family my step dad is building is own at the moment. 
37. I cant watch any horror movies - I'm such a wimp.
38. I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles.
39. When I was younger I wanted a super hero and save everyone - my special powder with sparkle dust was so fun to play round juking glitter around.
40. If I could be a animal I would love to be a tiger, Because there amazing animals and they can hunt anything and I can sleep in a tree.
41. I worked in Ann Summer's that was my first retail job I had.
42. I've been drawing from the age of 17 and still draw now.
43. I miss being able to visit my nanny for a cuppa and watching TV with her I miss her so much. R I P Nanny.
45. I'm scared of high fair rides I've been on about 3 and hated them told myself I wont be going on anymore in the future.
46. I love relaxing in the bath with candles and a good book.
47. I live in skinny jeans or jeggings.
48. I love blogging and visiting other blogger's 
49. I love B A K I N G  I learnt everything I know from my mummy. I also love C R A F T I N G as well.
50. I'm very picky with make - up I only every wear Mally or Bare Minerals.
Now I tag all my readers to do your 50 facts about me.
and I also tag some of my favourite blogger's as well if you have already done it then please share your post's below.
Much Love
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