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Lifestyle - Town day - 6th September 2015

Day In Leicester
Hey guy's so I felt like going for a wonder round Leicester town centre for the day and had a bit of a shop and a good nosy round in the shops as well. The weather was great no rain just sun.. perfect. I spent a good few hours having a walk round eyeing up ides ready for Christmas on what I want to get my  friends and family. When I  got there I had to visit two of my favourite shops and also a shop I've never been in before which I have now fell in love with.
I don't know how I've never been in this shop before but it turned out to be amazing, the smells were to die for, My friend Emmie recommend a visited here as this is one of her favourite shop's as well. I'm really happy she told me to go ill be visiting every time I go to Leicester now. The staff member's were helpful I asked how all the products worked and what are actually inside them, And she told me which ones would be best for my first purchase.
The products in Lush are to die for there were so many different smells and flavours to choice from it was so hard to take what I brought, It such a bright happy shop, The bath bombs would have to be my favourite at the moment the colours are fantastic how the shapes and sizes as well I'm surprised I never knew Lush was like this. I could of spent hours in here looking and smelling each product they have and have a chat with members of staff. There all made with fresh natural ingredients which Is great.
I came out with two bath bombs which were Think Pink and Sex Bomb, The sense out of them are LUSH! and the colours and how there made looks breath taking. This was my first time using a bath bomb but once I placed it in the bath I was memorized with out it was disoling and also it had tiny little hearts floating round as well but once I was in I felt so relaxed with the smells and how it felt on my skin it was heaven.
Every time I come to Leicester I have to visit Love Aroma, Once I first saw this shop and saw what was inside I felt like a kid in a sweet hope, The smells of all the candles just makes me want to eat most of them, I've got an obsession with Yankee Candles at the moment, every time I go in I want to come out with more and more. If your a fan of Yankee Candles I would recommend going to Love Aroma.
I love how the shop is laid out with all new products and what they sell the most. When I saw the new sense and new melts I was so happy. The sense they have this month as well are to die for such as Lake sunset which is to die for
I heard about the new Yankee Melts they had on their website but I saw them in Love Aroma and its made me want one even more. The plug in defuses they have come in many different sizes and designs, it is hard to pick one and all the tub melts they have as well. With these so ive been told once you have plugged in your defuser you just place your tub on the top and the heat just melts the wax which then relases the scent of the flavour you have and because there in the tubs you can change them at any time you want which I think is a great idea because you can just simply change your scent every 2-3 hours.
I just had to visit my number one shop, the Disney Store... come on who doesn't go in this store when they go into town, I'm such a child at heart. I love going in and hearing all the different songs and just singing along to them in my head, there is so much in there I could buy but I would end up over the £100 mark if I did that.
I'm a big fan of collecting their teddy bears. When I saw this new collection of Plush I knew this would be my next collect to start. There are so many different character's I wouldn't know where to start and they have all different sizes you can have but I think the little ones are the cutes ones I've seen. They would just fit in my bedroom nicely with the rest of my Disney collection I have.
Once I start collecting I shall keep you up to date with the characters I have so far.
Well guy's I hope you enjoyed reading about my day out, also if you have visited or even been to any of these shops let me know what you think or if you recommend any other places I should go while I'm there.
Much Love. 
Amy xxx

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