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Reasons Why I Love Autumn - 8th September 2015

Why I Love Autumn
Hey guy's so the summer days are drifting away, the nights are drawing in, there is a chill in the air and everyone is now walking round in coats, trousers and shoes instead of your normal summer wear. Autumn is on its way, But there is no need to let this season get you down, many people love this season as much as I do and I wanted to tell you what I love most about it.
1. It's time to wrap up warm in scarves, hats, gloves and comfy jumpers.(Which is a perfect reason for a new autumn wardrobe)
2. Soup, Teas and hot chocolate's
3. Halloween - the perfect excuse for dressing up and having a good time.
4. Having conker competitions (just like when you was younger).
5. Spending all day under you bed cover and not even feel bad about it because it to cold to even leave it.
6. Bonfire night I love the fires and fireworks nothing can beat that.
7. Smell of fresh burning fire wood.
8. Walking over colour changing leafs and hearing them crunch.
9. Taking nice morning walks.
10. Carving a pumpkin with my step dad.
11. CANDLES! another great reasons to light even more.
12. Having nights in watching films eating junk food.
13. Beautiful colours all around you.
14. Starting watching my TV box set's
15. Warm hugs
I just love Autumn! it's also the count down to Christmas as well which is even more exciting! not much longer now.
Tell me what do you love about autumn let me know in comments below.
I hope you enjoyed reading.
Much Love


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