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Step by step guide - 2nd September 2015

How to draw a Chibi school girl
Hey guy's because I recently posted about my art work I thought it would be a great idea to do a step by step guide on how I draw some of my character's.
This post I will show you each step I do to create my Chibi school girl, I will also be writing each step down as well so you will know everything you will need to know in this guide
Everything you will need
* Pencil (Sharpened)
* White A4 paper
* Rubber
* Colouring pencil's (if you want to)

Step One 
This first step it pretty easy, Its just like drawing a sick man. Draw a circle to whatever size you want your drawing to be and then once your happy with your circle then draw you body as seen in image. 
 Step Two
 Once your happy with your layout of your body its then time to add her muscles to make her come more alive. Its just like drawing semi circles on each of your line's You can make her as big or as small as you want to.
 Step Three
 Now it time to draw her eye's I found it easy to draw a cross in the middle of her face so then you know where everything needs to go, Once your happy with your cross depending on how high you want her eyes to be its time to draw them. To draw her eye's first is best to draw a door shape but make sure your cross line is in the cantre of her eye, Once you have done that then draw a small circle in the top comer of her eye to show light and leave some at the bottom of her eye to make it look more realistic. Her eye lashes to follow the shape you have done for her eye and make your lashes as big and thick as you want. Draw her eye brows about 3cm away from the eye lashes.
(So far you should have this.)
 Step Four
 Draw a upside down triangle for her mouth just at the bottom of your cross but not to close to the bottom of her face as you want a small space for her chin, Once your happy with mouth draw a small line if the comer  of her mouth. Then 2cm upwards draw a small dot for her nose and add two small semi circles for her ears.Then that's her face finished.
Step Five
Drawing hair is the most fun part of this drawing because you can make it as long or as short as you want and make her style to what you wish. With drawing her hair its best to use the circle as a guide to help you. Draw two strands of hair at the top to make her parting once you have your parting then its time to draw the rest of her hair in the same principle but its drawing down and around her face like shown. If you would like it longer and flowing then draw them longer like drawing a ribbon.
Step Six
In this step we will be drawing her uniform; I found it easy to draw her top bit by bit so in this step we will be doing the front, from her tummy draw out a line to how ever wide you want her shirt then add an oval to make it look 3D as seen below once your happy then draw on colour which is just town triangles around her neck.
(You should have something like this)
Step Seven
Drawing a bow on the front of her shirt is up to you, You can leave it plain if you wish but I thought I would of been a cute touch to it, Drawing the bow you don't want it to big or to small, to draw the bow, Make a little circle in the centre of the top then draw on each side to triangles coming out of the circle and there you have your bow.
Step Eight
Now drawing the rest of her uniform her arms, Its always best to start with the cuffs.Draw a ring around her wrist's, then the sleeves from the bottom corner of your cuff to bring out the sleeves just a little to give It some 3D effect and also make it look nice ad puffy aswell. Bring it round the guild of her arm and connect it to the corner of her shirt at the bottom, around the top of her arm, over leap the line to show a bending effect in her arms as below.
Step Nine
Now your at the final stage of this Chibi and now its time to draw her shirt and boots, With drawing the skirt start from her hip and draw a line outwards to as far as you wish. Once you have done that its then time to draw the rest which is adding different lengths and sizes to make the skirt look 3D. Once you come to final thrill of your skirt its always a good idea to flick it outwards. With drawing her boot's add your half circles around her legs for how high you want your boot's once you have finished that just follow the guild of her legs around to make her boots, But adding a few folds makes them look more 3D As seen below.
(You should be looking like this now)
Once you finished all of the steps you will have finished your character, And you can chose weather to colour her in or leave her as she is.
I really hope your enjoyed trying this step my step and I would love to see your drawings if you have given it a go.
If you would like anymore help on colouring with shading then please let me know but I will be posting a step by step guide to the perfect colouring and shading.
Much Love
Amy xxx

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