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Walking On Sunshine Film Review - 27th September 2015

Walking On Sunshine
Starring -
Annabel Scholey
Giulio Berruti
Hannah Arterton
Katy Brand
Leona Lewis
Director - 
Max Giwa
Dania Pasquini
So today I watched Walking On Sunshine which I haven't watched for a while.
This film was made in 2014 and the story line is about Taylor (Hannah Arterton) who falls in love with Raf (Giulio Berruti)  who she met while she was on holiday in Apulia.
Three years later, Taylor goes to Apulia on holiday. Her sister Maddie(Annabel Scholey), who went there five weeks before upon Taylor's instruction to get over a break-up with her boyfriend Doug. Maddie then tells Taylor that she is getting married in two das time. As time pasted Taylor went to visit the beach where her and Raf fell in love but while she was there she is reunited with her friend Elena (Leona Lewis) and her boyfriend Enrico, as well as her friend Mikey. When Taylor finally finds Raf she then finds out that Raf is the bloke her sister is marrying in two days time. As the days went by Taylor and Raf realised they still loved each other and then her sister Maddie finds out that Raf was Taylor's holiday romance. Along the way Doug comes to Apulia to get Maddie back in he's life which then confuses Maddie on who she wants to be with. When it come to the wedding day Maddie tells Raf that she cant go through with the wedding as she wasn't in love with him and she wanted to be alone. Maddie then makes Taylor go after the bloke she loves. Raf forgives her for what she did three years ago and takes her back and there love is rekindled like the old day's.
I thought this film was amazing if you love musical then this is the film for you full of 80's songs which bring back so many memories when I was younger, The story line is amazing its also funny and upsetting all in one film, The actors are brilliant. Its a perfect girly film if your wanted some time to yourself to unwind I would recommend this film to anyone P E R F E C T. I give it 5 stars definitely be watching this again.
If you have seen this film leave me a comment on what you thought about it I would love to here from you.
Much Love

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