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5 Things I Loved This Week - 11th October 2015

Hey guy's! so another week has finished so its time to share with you 5 things I loved this week if you recommend anything on my list that you think I would enjoy then please comment blow and tell me.
5 Thing's I've enjoyed on TV this week
1. Doctor Foster (Final Episode)
2. Great British Bake Off Final
3. Once Apon A Time
4. Hunted
5. Celebrity Juice
5 Thing's that's put a smile on my face this week.
1. Having a shopping spree in L U S H
2. Having job interview's and being accepted to one of them so far! But then getting offered more hours where I am working at the moment.
3. Coming home to a surprise bottle of my favourite wine.
4. Starting my Christmas shopping.
5. Spending some time with my mum &  Millie Moo (My mum's dog).
5 Film's & Music I've enjoyed this week.
1. Raise Your Voice (DVD)
2. Ghost (DVD
3. Around The World - Natalie La Rose (Music)
4. Dumb - The 411 (Music)
5. Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor (Music)
If you recommend any film's or music then please let me know below
Much Love

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