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Interview with Sarah's Sugar Craft - 07th October 2015

Sarah's Sugarcraft Interview

Hey guy's so today I had the opportunity to interview Sarah who has had her own business for 13 year's. she started baking wedding cakes and celebration cakes as a hobby for her friends then finally decided to start her very own business 3 years ago. She is a fully trained sugar crafter and also help run her local sugar craft club's to help others learn her art of sugar craft. Her business is based in South Gloucestershire.

Interview with Sarah's Sugarcraft


1. What got you into baking?
When I was organising my son's christening i asked my friend for recommendations she said "oh you can do your own here borrow my books" so I had a look through and liked a design , bought a ready iced cake (because I didn't feel confident to make my own) then made the decorations using the book.
2. How long have you had your company for?
5 years but started as a hobby 15 years ago
3. What inspired you to start your own business?
What started out as cakes for family & friends soon grew to friends of friends so I felt that was the time to start doing things properly like registering with HMRC, local council, getting insurance etc really once money started to change hands.
4. What is your favourite cake to eat and why?
Anything with chocolate , you don't get a body like mine without liking chocolate
5. What is your favourite flavour of cake to make and why?
Fruit cake because you can make it well in advance it's not last minute and the smell in the kitchen is divine.
6. Do you have any other hobbies apart from baking?
I like making jewellery and have dabbled in vinyl decorations.
7. What do you think are the positives and negatives of baking/your own business? Positives are I can work hours that suit my family and I. Negatives are working late sometimes to get designs finished.
8. What is your favourite occasion cake to make and why?
Wedding cakes as it is an honour to design, bake and produce something for someone's special day that will be remembered for many years.
9. Did you enjoy baking when you were younger?
Yes I loved baking with my Mum and Step Nan. I am of the age when Mum's stayed at home and regularly baked, Friday was usually Mum's baking day making goodies for the weekend and the following week.
10. Do you have any favourite bakers at the moment?
Mary Berry (as she lives near me) Sugar Artist would have to be Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar, her attention to detail blows me away.
11. Do you find baking relaxes you?
Yes I can quite happily spend hours in my workshop working on cake decorations. I sadly lost my Son 6 years ago and Sugar Artistry was something that I could do to loose myself in.
12. If you were trapped on island and could only take three things what would they be and why?
My Hubby, My Daughter because I couldn't be without them and a sharp knife for chopping food caught/gathered by my hubby.
13. What do you find most challenging about being a baker?
Dividing time between my business and my family.
14. How do you keep organized while baking? How do you keep a schedule for what needs done?
When making sponge celebration cakes I work to a three day schedule, bake day 1, tort, fill & cover day 2 & decorate day 3 ready for collection/delivery day after. Days that I am not baking I make the decorations required for cake.
15. What is your most popular design of cake you sell?
 Birthday cakes as I design them to each recipient whether its their hobbies/job/work or just their likes.
Sarah's Sugarcraft's favourite cake

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Thank you very much Sarah for taking the time to answer these questions for me
Much Love




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