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Interview with Wendy from Adorable Cakes - 03rd October 2015

Hey guy's so today I had the opportunity to interview Wendy! Wendy was a police detective for 20 years, working in the child protection field. She dealt with lots of horrible things which led to her having a wobble and being diagnosed with PTSD. As a result she retired from the police and started her own cake business. Her business is the best thing she ever did! She told me she meets lots of lovely people. She's also married and has grown up step children and a 7 year old little boy with her husband.
Interview with Adorable Cakes

1. What go you into to baking?

 I've always baked! I enjoyed baking as a child and when I had children/step children of my own, we spent many hours in the kitchen, whipping up yummy cakes. It's my therapy and the is something magical about how simple ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs and butter can be transformed into something amazing!
2. How long have you had your company for?
I set up Adorable Cakes at the start of September this year. I had been in the police for 20 years and was ready for a complete change. Now I deal with 'nice' people everyday!
3. What inspired you to start your own business?
Baking has always been my passion and it's something I do well. I'm only 41 so still want to work. But having my own business, means that I can choose my own hours and this fits in with family life.
4. What if you favourite cake to eat and why?
I do love traditional birthday cake as it reminds me of happy childhood memories. Strawberry jam and buttercream filling is heaven!
 5. What is your favourite flavour of cake to make and why?
I always enjoy making fruit cakes as they smell amazing. I have a great recipe that includes tia maria (my fav drink) and it is delicious!
 6. Do you have any other hobbies apart from baking?
I enjoy walking, reading and spending time with my lovely family, who I'm really lucky to have!
 7. What do you think are the positives and negatives of baking/your own business? 
 The positives are the flexibility it gives you and also the sense of satisfaction when you create something tasty and beautiful. I work from home, so have no commute, never struggle for holiday childcare and and stop for a cup of tea whenever I like! Negatives? None!
8. What is your favourite occasion cake to make and why?
It's got to be a wedding cake. I am wedding obsessed (despite being married for 10 years) Every couple deserve to have a perfect day and I love being a small part of that.
 9. Did you enjoy baking when you was younger?
Most definitely. I used to bake with my nan, nothing fancy just fruit cake, and my favourite part was licking the spoon afterwards!
10. Do you find baking relaxes you?
Baking is my therapy. It is the ultimate in mindfulness. Once I'm in my kitchen, weighing and mixing all my stresses ebb away.
 11. If you was trap on island and could only take three thing what would they be and why? My 3 things would be my family (is that cheating as there's more than one?) blankets, as I feel the cold and music.
12. What do you find most challenging about being a baker?
Being organised is key and I find I faff around a lot. I'm getting better though!
13 How do you keep organized while baking?
How do you keep a schedule for what needs done?
14. What is you most popular design of cake you sell?
My most popular cake at the moment is a wedding cake that I named Catherine. Catherine is my mum's name and she's beautiful, just like the cake! I give all my wedding cake designs names. If you get a design named after you, it's an honour!
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5 star reviews
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Thank you very much Wendy for taking the time to answer these questions for me
Much Love


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