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My Christmas Wishlist - 23rd November 2015

My Christmas Wish list
Hey guy's so its coming to that time of year where my family are asking me what I want for Christmas and its getting hard and hard to choose what I want this year. I normally ask for the same things that I get each year like money, skin care etc. but I want to share with you all my top 10 items I would like this year under my tree.
1. Laura Geller - Roman Holiday Collection
I'm a big make-up fan at the moment and I want to thank my sister for that! She was the one that got me into all of these different brands that I've never heard of before and now Laura Geller is one of my top 5 and I just love to have this set as it got everything I use and the colours I adore!.
2. Lush - Hello Gorgeous Gift Set
I've become a fan of lush this year and now I'm addicted to all there products I've not had one there gift set yet and I just had to ask for this one this year to try out.
3. Elemis 6 Piece Sensational Skin Collection
I've been using Elemis products for the past 5 years now maybe more and this is the best skin care I've ever used and the smell is to die for! There new product is this 6 Piece in the smell of orchids now I've not tried this or smell this new one yet but anything they bring out will be amazing so I know I wont be disappointed.
4. Laura Geller - 31 eye shadow's
Another product from Laura Geller her eye shadows are just amazing you can use them even with water to get a amazing effect on your eye's the range of colours she has in this kit are for any time of the year and any occasion. If you are a fan of eye shadows and are daring with colours then you should ask for this kit for Christmas to.
5. Once Apon A Time - Season 3 & 4 (DVD)
Now I'm a huge fan of TV shows and this is in my top 3 just after One Tree Hill, I'm a big fan of Disney characters this programme was just made for me!. So I'm hoping and praying that both of these will be under the tree this year. If you haven't yet watched any of these go on Netflix's and start watching I promise you, you will love it.
6. DKNY - Be Delicious Perfume
The smell of this is to die for I've never had so many people complement me on the smell of this when I wear it. Its definitely kicked Britney's off my top list.
7. River Island  - Handbag
I've been needing a new handbag for a while now but never found one I like until I saw this and just fell in love perfect colours and size I need and its me all over there is even a matching purse which I think will be next if Santa brings me the bag.
8. Cinderella (DVD)
Now I've never seen this film but I've heard is brilliant and I collect Disney films this has to be in my collection and it people tell me how good it is I know for a fact ill be a happy bunny when I watch it on Christmas day.
9. Lipsy - Michelle Keegan - Cowl Neck Jumper
I love long neck jumpers at the moment and Michelle Keegan new line is just amazing when I saw this I fell in love and its just what I've been looking for this with some leggings and my ugg boots will make a perfect Christmas day outfit.
10. Hunter - Wellie Boot's
Because I've started horse riding again I'm in need of some new boots and it the perfect way to get the boots I've been dreaming about for the past 3 years and there even in my favourite colour as well which is even better.
Well guy's that's my Christmas wish list for this year do what are you all wanting for Christmas share below and let me know.
Much Love

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