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Relaxation and a bit of me time - 27th November 2015

Relaxation and a bit of me time
Hey my fellow bloggers and followers I'm sorry I haven't really posted as much recently I've been going through a bit of a rough time. Splitting up from my partner and having a few heath problems having break up heath problems and even just bad days can be a rollercoaster at times. Rather then bore you about what's happened I would like to share with you how I got myself back on my feet and a bit of a pick me up.
*Love the support of my family and my friends to - This quote means a lot to me*
Well I have moved back in with my mum and step dad who have both given me support, strength and love in every way imaginable. Made me realise that family is always there for you even if you have bad times with them as well. With the few things that I have been going through I've been needed a bit of TLC - Lush Bath Bombs - These are always a great uplift for me the smells and the colours that each bath bomb I use relax me in every way, For the first time in a long time I finally switch off and enjoy a good hour soak in the luxury of a Golden Wonder or Let It Go while listening to some calm relaxing music just to completely empty my mind. Once I've finished bath Its amazing then to get straight into my PJ'S and my fluffy thumper dressing gown and then start my facial treatment with my - Elemis Pro - Collagen Cleansing Balm - to help remove all my make-up I wore throughout the day and get rid of all the dead skin cells, Then follow with - Soothing Apricot Toner - couple of sprays of this refreshing toner always gives me a pick me up boost, Then followed by the final step the amazing - Pro - Collagen Marine Cream - This cream makes my skin feel so baby soft and always gets rid of my dry skin every time I use it and using it each day I haven't seen any dry skin for while now.

Once it comes to bed time I'm always feeling ready for a night sleep and I'm finally getting my sleeping pattern back on track not having to worry about this and that but sometimes still suffer with a panic attack every now and again before going to sleep but always get through them with the routine I've been given by the doctor works every time. I'm sure many people out there suffer from panic attacks and anxiety attacks and they are horrible problems to have you never know when you can get them they can start from something so tiny up to something huge. But with the right treatment and routine everyone can get through them just like me but not to bore you with that. Once I've had a cup of tea or a - Options Mint Hot chocolate - Its finally time to snuggle up in my warm soft bed that's my chance to have a read of my book that I'm currently reading at the moment - Becoming Beyoncé The Untold Story - She is one of my favourite singers and I love reading autobiographies of stars and even people that have passed. I find it so fascinating how they became who they are today. Being able just to relax reading my book or even watching - Once Upon A Time - just feels amazing being able to do things I want to do to help me sleep and even things that I enjoy doing before getting a good nights sleep.
Obviously I had time and sometimes still do have, periods where I still feel down and upset of my past relationship after everything we had together and the home we got and made how we want. Rather then wallow in the past its time to focus on the future that chapter has now ended and its time to start a new one. I've been dreaming about all the different things I want to start doing now that I've been wanting to do for awhile now. Start my driving lessons is a main one now being able to afford my lessons has taken a huge weight of my shoulders and I'm looking forward to having my own freedom and being able to go where I want when I want and not rely on buses or even bothering family members for lifts. Another few things I want to do and I'm determined to do them all which include - Horse riding Meadow School Of Riding - I've had my first lessons which was my test exam which is basically showing them what I can do out of all the years I have been horse riding, Also I have requested to help volunteer on weekends and sometimes in the week when they need me to get me out the house and also get to spend time with the animals I enjoy looking after and learning about. I'm also wanting to start a college course - Animal Care - I'm dream job is to work at - Dogs Trust - or even  - RSPCA - Just being able to help animals find new homes would just feel amazing to me and see them finally be happy instead of being behind bars. Another thing I've also been doing ever since I've moved back home I've completely redecorated my bedroom I still have a few things to finish off but I've been picture how I've wanted this room for a while now and finally seeing it com to life now its just great, I've wanted a Paris theme room for so many months now and now I finally have it. So that's one thing checked off my list. Being back at home I've been able to treat myself to some new make-up that I've been needing for awhile now and I've recently brought - Laura Geller Roman Holiday - This collection is just amazing this collection includes - Baked Balance-N-Glow Illuminating Foundation - This powered base foundation feels amazing on the skin and gives a amazing glow on my skin. - Baked Romanesque Eyeshadow Palette -  These creamy eye shadows just guild on like butter and last the whole day with the three colour you get in this kit you can achieve amazing Smokey cat eye look. -  Style LASH Intense Lengthening Mascara - and - I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner - The mascara makes my lash look so much more longer then they originally are, As for the eyeliner this is the best eyeliner I've used by far it goes on to well and once its on its not coming off until I take it off. - Colour Enriched Lipstick - and - Colour Drenched Lip Gloss - These to colours are stunning I'm not normal dark lip person but using this two are to die for you can use them together or on there own there the perfect match. I'm so glad I've treated myself to this kit I think it great that I'm starting to put myself first cause I'm kind of person to keep other people happy rather then myself and now after buying this kit and applying it each day actually make me feel beautiful inside and out and I'm looking forward to the day when someone sees the same in me, I always fee happy when I have this make-up on and knowing I have the perfect cover up as well.
And then there is my amazing family just looking at am all and just seeing that there always there for me always gives me strength even when I'm feeling at my lowest. I will do anything to make them all happy and proud of me and also to give them what they want for birthday and Christmas they are all my rock even if my world came crashing down at me they have all been there through think and thin times and I'm so thankful to have them all in my life there main reason why I'm still here I couldn't be with out them at all. Also there is my amazing friends as well who have been there for me through all of these with support and putting a smile on my face and also just having a good catch up with them as well. So thank you all so much.
(* I apologise for quality of these photos these are quite told ones I only have at the moment*)
So here to the new and hopefully positive chapter of my life, Hope filled with Love, Laughs and Happiness
Much Love

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