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Baking - Christmas Pub Treats

*All photos are taken and edited by me*
Hey guy's I was in a festive mood today and I wanted to make some new Christmas treats and I want to share with you my step by step guild to making these delicious Christmas Pub Treats and there is not baking required! Just a few pots to wash afterwards.
What you will need

100g Rice Crisps
200g Milk Chocolate
180g Mini Marshmallows
100g White Chocolate
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
1. Heat up your sauce pan and pour in your milk chocolate and butter and mix until both fully melted and combined together. You should have a runny glossy chocolate once its all mixed together.
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
2. Once its all combined together then pour in your mini marshmallows and mix again but mixing more harder this time this will take a couple of minutes to melt. Once its all mixed together it will start to boil take it straight off your oven and mix again until all fully combined.
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
3. Add in your rice crisps in to melted chocolate and marshmallows and mixed until everyone is covered in chocolate it will start to get thinker and start to string like a spider web but that is normal so don't worry about that. Once its all combined in well then leave aside to cool for 15-20 minutes.
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
4. Once it cooled down its time to get your hand sticky. Spoon out small handful of the mixture and roll into a smooth ball and place on a tray to set best results is to chill them for about 15 minutes you should be able to make about 24 all together.
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
5. Once there chilled its time to add your white chocolate so melt your white chocolate in another pan until smooth then leave to cool for a couple of minutes once the chocolate had cooled down a little it time finish them off take a spoon full of your chocolate and pour over your rolled up balls because the balls are still cold the chocolate should set a lot easier. Add your choice of decoration on top and chill again for another 15 minutes. Then serve
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
Your mini treats are then complete!. They would go perfectly with a cuppa of tea after a long day at work. They will also make great Christmas gifts as well just pop them into a little box and add a ribbon and there we go!
*All photos are taken and edited by me*
If you have tried to make this Christmas Pub Treats them please share with me below or comment on what you thought about when making them I would love to know and see your results.
Much Love

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