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Five Things I've Loved This Week - 03rd December2015

Hello my beauties! Hope your all doing well, I haven't wrote my Five Things I've Loved This Week for awhile and I wanted to share with you what I've loved so far had a few things that I've enjoyed so far
So here are a few things that I have loved so far.
5 Thing's I've enjoyed on TV this week
1. I'm Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
2. One Tree Hill
3. Once Apon A Time
4. Friends
5. Guy Martin Need For Speed
5 Thing's that's put a smile on my face this week.
1. Going to The Curve in Leicester to see Oliver - BRILLANT would love to go and see it all over again! Go see it while its here.
2. Visiting Nottingham and done some more Christmas shopping
3. Finally heard back from my riding school and want my to go to there level 3 lessons which I'm quite happy with but want another private lesson first.
4. Finally finished decorating my bed room!
5. Coming home to the house all decorated for Christmas I feel all festive now!
5 Film's & Music I've enjoyed this week.
1. Lee Evans (DVD)
2. Fifty Shades Of Grey (DVD
3. Cinderella (DVD)
4. Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude (Music)
5.  Ellie Goulding - On My Mind (Music)
If you recommend any film's or music then please let me know below
Much Love

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