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Lifestyle - New Years Resolutions

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Hey guy's so another year has come and gone and I cant believe how fast this year has gone, As I sit down and think about this past year I've had some ups and down's like I'm sure many of you have. But I've also has some good times as well that I will never forget there are some things I wish I could go back and redo but I know that can never happen but I guess you have to learn from your mistakes. The best thing I feel about this year to me is starting this blog and getting the amount of followers I have so far I'm so happy with how far I've come with my blog and I cant wait to carry on in the new year with new ideas.
So I would like to share with you on my last post of 2015 what I would love to achieve by the end of 2016.
I hope you enjoy reading my new years resolutions.
Starting my driving lessons and passing my driving test
So its come to that point in my life where I need to start having my own freedom and go where I want when I want and not having to rely on public transport or even asking my family for lifts. So this one is a big one for me this year if I get passed by the end of 2016 I'm hoping to have my very first little run around as well. I am scared about doing my lessons I wont lie but from speaking some of my friends they said its nothing to be scared about at all. But you know what I'm like.
Find a full-time job
I've been working part time for a few years now and I wont lie I enjoy it because I get a couple of days off but I'm getting to that point now where I want to start earning more money so its time to get myself a full time job (Hopefully my dream job *fingers crossed*)
Fresh new look for my Blog and bring new ideas
How far I have come with my blog this year, I'm so proud of what I've achieved with it I've made some amazing friends from social media and even going to blogger events and the amount of views and followers I have just from August has surprised me I never thought I would get the amount I have now. The past couple of weeks I have been planning on changing my blog as in a new style and look and even new posts on things I love doing as a hobby so I'm looking forward to starting all of this.
Join a local theatre group
From doing a performing arts course back in 2008 I've been in love with singing and dancing and even going to see different musicals and every time I do I just want to be up there and be apart of it, So this is must of 2016 to try my best in different auditions and hopefully be apart of a amazing group.
Live another year
I'me very thankful for still being on this plant at the moment despite of the rough roads I've been down in the past 24 year's, But I'm so thankful for having my friends and family around me though all the years. I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me. So yes I know this is a silly resolution but its a great one.
Well guys there are my resolutions for 2016 so tell me what are yours? I would love to know. Comment below with your post and what you would love to do in 2016. I hope you all have a amazing new year I love you all to bits!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post guys and don't forget to follow me on my social media account below
Much Love

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