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Cancer Research UK / Race For Life

Cancer Research UK / Race For Life
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*Image from cancer research website*
Hey guys hope your all doing well, I've recently found out that one of my friends I used to work with has been diagnosed with breast cancer! and its really hit me and I want to try everything I can to help her KICK CANCER ASS! and help all the other 100.000 women out there are battling breast cancer.
There are many different events you can do to support people with cancer of any type so if you have any free time to join one of there events that would be amazing! There are many different types of cancer out there and people are still dyeing from these horrible disease Cancer Research UK are the most successful charity of the whole year.
Everyday over 400 people are diagnosed with cancer will survive from all the 10 years of research but that's not everyone and we want everyone to survive and this is where you come in ladies!
When finding out that my friend Rachael has been diagnosed with breast cancer and went for her first treatment today I knew there and then I want to help her and many other women out there who are going through this battle and I'm asking for you help as well. Can you help us?
Make sure you check your breast at lest once a month and if you feel anything that your not happy with then go see your GP right away! the sooner its found the quick it is to beat.
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Anything you can give or even do will help the thousand of people out there at the moment even if its donating a small amount of money to help the research. You can donate on Cancer Research UK website here or even visit one of there local shops in your town every penny go straight there research.
They do many different events which include
- Charity Runs -
- Charity Walks -
- Charity Challenges -
- Special Events -
- Social and cultural events -
and many more do any of these take your fancy? If so then please help in any way you can.
*imagine from - here*
I have chosen to do race for life this year to support my friend and raise as much money as I can to help everyone, and I want you to come along and help as well come find you local event and lets beat cancer! You can chose from
- 5k Events -
- 10k Events -
- Pretty Muddy -
- Half Marathon -
- Marathon - 
If you are interested is doing one of life changing events you can find everything you need on Race for Life website here.
Also don't forget ladies on the 4th February is World Cancer Day so please show your support in buying one of there new cancer knot bands you can also find these on there website here or you can find them in you local research shop they cost £2 and that £2 goes straight towards cancer.
Also I would love for you to tweet me your photos of you wearing you bands to show your support tweet me at @MyLifeStyleAmy
So ladies can you help us beat cancer? I know we all can so what are you waiting for? Get running or donating!.
For you Racheal!
I love you Racheal and I know you will beat cancer ass you are a strong amazing women and you have so many people around you supporting you family and friends and we all love you to bits!. We are all here for you when ever you needs us just give us a call I'm doing this run or you! Show us how strong you truly are beautiful! Always here! Love you lots!
Thank you so much for reading guys!
Don't forget to comment below.
Much Love


Lifestyle - Disney Tag: 30 Questions in 5 Minutes

Lifestyle - Disney Tag: 30 Questions in 5 Minutes
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*Photos are taken and edited by me*
Hey guy's so the last tag post I done was a Christmas one and I thought it was time to do another one I came across this tag on Saloca in Wonderland so go and check her out!
If you would like to do this tag then please feel free!
Here I go and enjoy!
1. Favourite Character
Well I have two so I'm just going to tell you both. I adore Thumper (from bambi) and I love Marie (from aristocats) I have loved these pair since I was little.
2. Favourite Princess
I would have to say Belle because I just love her yellow ball gown and I think she just a sweet princess out of all!
3. Favourite Heroine
That has to be Mulan I have watched that film so many times

4. Favourite Prince
Alddin I just think he is super cute and he has always been my favourite so far that is.

5. Favourite Hero
Hercules! he's the only one I can class as a hero because he a god (I know I'm weird right?)
6.Favourite Animal
Well I have so many as you can see by first answer but if I had to tell you another I would say Sven. I would love to have a reindeer talk to me like that and only have me to understand him!

7.Favourite Sidekick
Olaf for sure! He just makes me laugh and also he loves "Warm hugs!"
"Some people are worth melting for"

8.Favourite Villain
Maleficent even thought she used to scare me when I was little I have become more fond of her now and she looks stunning for a villain.

9. Favourite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)
Mickey! come he started this whole Disney!

10. Favourite Love Song
Whole new world - Aladdin
11.Favourite Song
Let It Go - Frozen
12. Favourite Villain Song
Be Prepared - Lion King
13. Least Favourite Song
 Reflection - Mulan
14. Favourite Kiss
I would say Beauty and the Beast when he turns back into a human and he just looks at her I think is the sweets then I've seen in Disney.

15.The First Movie You Saw
As far as I know it was Lion King.
16. Favourite Classic
Peter Pan
17.Song that always gets stuck in your head
Part of your world
18. Favourite Pixar Film
Toy Story  if you can class that one

19. Least Favourite Pixar Film
I love them all. So that's hard to answer

20. Favourite Sequel
Toy Story by far!

21. Overrated Movie
Now I cant answer that one because to me none of them are overrated! I'm such a huge fan I cant say anything bad
22. Underrated Movie
Oliver and Company.

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh
Bolt! the hamster is just so funny!

24. Movie That Makes You Cry
Pocahontas when they carry John Smith away and she runs after him just makes me cry every time.

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie
That's a hard one for me but I would say Frozen then Anna gets frozen the look on everyone face.
26. Saddest Death
Has to be Lion King for me when Simba cant wake he's dad up

27. Favourite Quote
Ohana mean family - family means nobody gets left behind
28. Favourite Theme Park
Walt Disney World, Paris.

29. Favourite Theme Attraction
Its a Tiny World.
30.Favourite Theme Park Show
I would have to say when I went to Disney Land Paris they had 50th anniversary show on and it was just amazing
Well there you go guys I hope you enjoyed reading this tag if you have done the same then please comment below.
Much Love

Lifestyle - Five Things Of The Week

Lifestyle - Five Things Of The Week
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*photos are taken and edited by me*
Hey guy's sorry I haven't been posting must recently I've been going through a hard time at the moment but I'm getting there slowly so anyways moving on from that I want to share with you my five things of the week. I love doing this post and sharing with you all what I love through out the week or what I'm looking forward to. So here if my first five things of the week of this year!
Hope you enjoy!
My Mums Birthday
So it recently been my mums birthday and like always I love to try and surprise her as much as I can because she 's my mum. So this year I treated her to what I could afford (Had to be right after Christmas!) I got her a glass dog frame with photos of Millie from when she was a puppy up to now and she loved it! I also got her a vintage soup bowl because she started using her soap maker more often now and I thought it would be a cute idea to eat her soup out of.
Booking My Driving Lessons
Its come to that point in my life where I need to start my driving lessons so I have been looking around my local area and found Cathy Philips I've been wanting a female instructor because I feel I will get on a lot better with them so I had a lovely phone call with her and sorted out my first lesson at the end of this month.
Valentines Lush Products
I got told by one of my blogger girls that Lush is doing there Valentines range which I never knew they did. Once I got told about that I knew I will be needing to buy there new range to give them a test so I'm looking forward to that as well.
Catching Up With My Old School Mate
Ever since I've moved back home I've been seeing more of my old school friend Ricky who I have known since play school now that is a long time! We speak nearly every night on the  game with play together with our other friends. But there is nothing better then going round each others houses or even meeting up for a catch up.
Applying For New Jobs
I've been needing a new job for a few months now so recently I've been looking quite hard to find something there isn't a awful a lot out there at the moment but so far this week I have applied for 5 different ones so fingers crossed they will get back to me
So there we go guy's these are my five thing of the week I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don't forget to comment below I would love to here from you all!
Much Love


Lifestyle - What I Do To Unwind and Relax

Lifestyle - What I Do To Unwind and Relax
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*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Hey guy's so the past couple of days I've been rather stressed and upset over different things that's happing at the moment so I do a lot of unwinding and relaxing just to calm myself down and get me back to me being me. I thought I would share with you how I relax and unwind there are many different things I do but I find this one always works better for me
So I hope you enjoy this post.
Frist Step - Running a hot bath with a bath bomb
Just like many people out there having a nice hot bath is always a relaxing way to get rid of any bad energy you have had though out the day. But before I run my bath I always take time and pick which bath bomb I would like to use this time. So I used one of my favourite ones from Lush Avobath this one has such a great smell of mint and lime which I love the smell of the colour it turns the bath water as well is beautiful and perfect lime green colour. Every time I have my bath's I used my favourite shower gel that I have at the moment from Lush Christmas collection which is Snow Fairy now so many people love this one and know why the smell is leaves my skin is just amazing!
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Now while having my baths its not the perfect bath unless I have candles lit as well and the candle I'm using at the moment is Yankee Candle - Mango Salsa this smell of this one is to die for I love the smell of sweet things and this one must be one of my favourite ones out of all the ones they sell. If you haven't tried this one then I would it leave just a great scent in your room as well. While I'm having my bath with candles, bath bombs I always play some relaxing music like the sound of ocean waves just something to close my eyes to and just not think about anything apart from me.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Second Step - Face and Skin care
Now once I've finished my hour long bath I move on to my face and skin care each night before I go bed I use my elemis but when I'm using to relax and unwind I do it a little different then normal I always start will my Cleansing balm and let that soak to oil and then wash off my face. Once I've done that I then move onto my Apricot toner and I always spray this on my face and then spray some on cotton wool pads and place them on my eyes and relax again for anther 5 minutes, then to finish of I used my Marine Cream and I gently rub that into my face and neck and once that's all finished my skin feels all fresh and clean.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Third Step - Reading my book with a cup of tea and PJ'S
Now that I'm relaxed and clean I then always wants to curl up in my favourite pj's with my cup of tea and my book. There is nothing better then have a cuppa while reading a good book. While reading my book and having my tea it always makes me feel more relax and helps me get to sleep so much more easier.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Well guys I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how I relax after my rough days I have.
Do any of you have a unwind and relaxing routines you do? I would love to know and have a read.
Comment below if you do! and also comment below your blogs so I can follow you all a well don't forget to follow my social media accounts as well.
Much Love


Lifestyle - What I would to do in 2016

Lifestyle - What I would to do in 2016
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 *All photos are made and edited by me*
 Happy new years guys! so the first few days of January 2016 have already come and gone. But I hope you all had a good new year and didn't get to drunk! (I'm sure many of you did!). There a few things I want to do this year to my blog and I want to share with you all the ideas and things I going to improve on. NEW YEAR NEW ME/BLOG! But if you have any ideas or post related to what I have below then please don't forget to comment below.
So here are some of my goals that I want to do to my blog this year I hope you enjoy reading!.
 *All photos are made and edited by me* 
Crafting Tutorials and Posts
I've been wanting to do crafting posts for awhile now, Because crafting is one thing I love doing I've been craft drawing anything craft wise ever sine I was younger and I know many of you might be crafters as well so I wanted to share with you some ideas that I love and also step my step guides on how to make stuff as well. I'm hoping in some point I can sell some of my craft but only time can tell. So keep an eye out for my new posts.
 *All photos are made and edited by me*
Baking Tutorials and Posts
I just love baking different yummy treats for myself and even my family I do have my own little business which I make cupcakes and cakes from Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Occasion cakes so if you ever need one you know where I am! But I love sharing with you all different treats I make and to hear back from you and how much you love them means the world to me so I wanting to share a lot more post with you this year. What would you like me to make?
 *All photos are made and edited by me* 
Artwork Tutorials
I know I've already done a few posts on my art work I've done so far and I have also done a couple of different step by step guides as well, So I'm wanting share more step by step guides with you as drawing is one of my passion I'm always drawing or doodling no matter where I am. 
Well guy's there just a few goals I want to achieve this year for my blog. I've already started a craft post which should up and running very soon! once I've completed what I'm making and it will have every step to make it as well.
 If there is anything you would like me to make or even try and make then please comment below and let me know I'd love to hear from you all.
Much Love

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