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Lifestyle - Five Things Of The Week

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Hey guy's sorry I haven't been posting must recently I've been going through a hard time at the moment but I'm getting there slowly so anyways moving on from that I want to share with you my five things of the week. I love doing this post and sharing with you all what I love through out the week or what I'm looking forward to. So here if my first five things of the week of this year!
Hope you enjoy!
My Mums Birthday
So it recently been my mums birthday and like always I love to try and surprise her as much as I can because she 's my mum. So this year I treated her to what I could afford (Had to be right after Christmas!) I got her a glass dog frame with photos of Millie from when she was a puppy up to now and she loved it! I also got her a vintage soup bowl because she started using her soap maker more often now and I thought it would be a cute idea to eat her soup out of.
Booking My Driving Lessons
Its come to that point in my life where I need to start my driving lessons so I have been looking around my local area and found Cathy Philips I've been wanting a female instructor because I feel I will get on a lot better with them so I had a lovely phone call with her and sorted out my first lesson at the end of this month.
Valentines Lush Products
I got told by one of my blogger girls that Lush is doing there Valentines range which I never knew they did. Once I got told about that I knew I will be needing to buy there new range to give them a test so I'm looking forward to that as well.
Catching Up With My Old School Mate
Ever since I've moved back home I've been seeing more of my old school friend Ricky who I have known since play school now that is a long time! We speak nearly every night on the  game with play together with our other friends. But there is nothing better then going round each others houses or even meeting up for a catch up.
Applying For New Jobs
I've been needing a new job for a few months now so recently I've been looking quite hard to find something there isn't a awful a lot out there at the moment but so far this week I have applied for 5 different ones so fingers crossed they will get back to me
So there we go guy's these are my five thing of the week I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don't forget to comment below I would love to here from you all!
Much Love

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