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Lifestyle - What I Do To Unwind and Relax

*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Hey guy's so the past couple of days I've been rather stressed and upset over different things that's happing at the moment so I do a lot of unwinding and relaxing just to calm myself down and get me back to me being me. I thought I would share with you how I relax and unwind there are many different things I do but I find this one always works better for me
So I hope you enjoy this post.
Frist Step - Running a hot bath with a bath bomb
Just like many people out there having a nice hot bath is always a relaxing way to get rid of any bad energy you have had though out the day. But before I run my bath I always take time and pick which bath bomb I would like to use this time. So I used one of my favourite ones from Lush Avobath this one has such a great smell of mint and lime which I love the smell of the colour it turns the bath water as well is beautiful and perfect lime green colour. Every time I have my bath's I used my favourite shower gel that I have at the moment from Lush Christmas collection which is Snow Fairy now so many people love this one and know why the smell is leaves my skin is just amazing!
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Now while having my baths its not the perfect bath unless I have candles lit as well and the candle I'm using at the moment is Yankee Candle - Mango Salsa this smell of this one is to die for I love the smell of sweet things and this one must be one of my favourite ones out of all the ones they sell. If you haven't tried this one then I would it leave just a great scent in your room as well. While I'm having my bath with candles, bath bombs I always play some relaxing music like the sound of ocean waves just something to close my eyes to and just not think about anything apart from me.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Second Step - Face and Skin care
Now once I've finished my hour long bath I move on to my face and skin care each night before I go bed I use my elemis but when I'm using to relax and unwind I do it a little different then normal I always start will my Cleansing balm and let that soak to oil and then wash off my face. Once I've done that I then move onto my Apricot toner and I always spray this on my face and then spray some on cotton wool pads and place them on my eyes and relax again for anther 5 minutes, then to finish of I used my Marine Cream and I gently rub that into my face and neck and once that's all finished my skin feels all fresh and clean.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Third Step - Reading my book with a cup of tea and PJ'S
Now that I'm relaxed and clean I then always wants to curl up in my favourite pj's with my cup of tea and my book. There is nothing better then have a cuppa while reading a good book. While reading my book and having my tea it always makes me feel more relax and helps me get to sleep so much more easier.
*Photos taken by me and edited by me*
Well guys I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how I relax after my rough days I have.
Do any of you have a unwind and relaxing routines you do? I would love to know and have a read.
Comment below if you do! and also comment below your blogs so I can follow you all a well don't forget to follow my social media accounts as well.
Much Love

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