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Bakerdays Mother's Day Cake Review

Hey guy’s hope you’re doing well. So with Mother’s day on the way which is a perfect day to treat your mum to something special even if it is cake! So when I was offered by Bakerdays to try one of their Mother’s Days letter boxes cake I couldn’t turn that down I mean come on free cake! Who doesn’t want that.
So here is my review I hope you enjoy.

So a few days ago I had a little box come through my letter box and when I saw it had Bakerdays on it I was so excited to see and try there amazing looking cakes. When I was contacted about doing this review for them I was asked to pick the style I like and what photo and message I would like on top. So when I opened my parcel and saw the cutest cake in the whole world I was so happy to be doing this for them. What I love about the delivery of this letter box cake it came in such a cute little cake tin which is perfect to keep as memory and even saving some little bits and bobs in as well. The parcel with a little card saying “Enjoy your cake from Bakerdays xxx” which I think was really nice as well and it even came with leaflet and love heart sweets. The size of your cake fits perfectly well through your letter box which is even better knowing it’s all safe in the little tin it comes in

It beautifully wrapped in a nice cream and brown tin with the logo saying “Just for You”. Once you open the tin it was labelled with instructions on how to take the cake out of the tin, I love how they thought of every little detail to make your cake perfect because you all know what would happen you would turn your tin upside down and have you cake fall out and have a right mess everywhere and that’s not what you want. So it great that they tell you have to get it out. When I shown my mum her mother’s day cake for us both to try she loved it she said “That’s looks amazing! And looks so cute as well!”

When I cut into the cake I was welcome by a soft vanilla butter cream sponge cake which was golden to the colour looks amazing there was also just enough icing over the top as well not too much and not to less just the right amount you need for a cake. When I took my first bite it just melted in my mouth is sponge was soft and light it was like eating air in my eye was perfect! With the tease of the icing as well it all combined well together having a slice of the cake with a cup of tea is the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. There are many different designs you can choose from on their website and many different sizes and flavours of sponge cake as well.

I would be ordering another cake from them in the near future there many birthdays on the way and having one these to surprise them with would be amazing. I would recommend trying one of the delicious cakes yourself, having any photo of your chose or any message you would like who wouldn’t love to be given one of these on their birthday? Even just buying one for yourself as a weekend treat with a cuppa would just be a perfect match there amazing sizes and amazing prices and you’re paying for a brilliant cake trust me you wouldn’t be unhappy with yours.

So go ahead and check out range of different products and cakes and go order yours today. You can contact Bakerdays by Twitter or even by Facebook or you can e-mail them at

Thank you so much for reading my review and I really hope you enjoyed this post as well if you have ordered your very own letter boxes cake them please comment below your review if you have one.

Until next time!
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*Bakerdays has given me the opportunity free of charge to review one of their mother’s day letter box cakes with an honest review. Every word I have wrote is with my honest review thank you Bakerdays for given me this opportunity.*



  1. Brilliant review!
    I've always wanted to try bakerday's and now after reading this I think I'll be ordering one as a Sunday treat!

    Great post Amy.

  2. Love this! The cake looks so cute! I think I'll get one for my mum for mothers day.

    Another great post Amy!


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