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Hey guy’s hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your weekend so far. So I wanted to share with you another post on beauty. There are many different things I can’t live without like I’m sure many of you do as well. So here is my second one for you.
Hope you enjoy!
So I’m in love with Lush products at the moment if you have been following my blog then you will know how much I love them! So there are two products from them that I always need in my life so here they are.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel.
This is one of their most popular shower gels of there year I know it’s only a Christmas addition one so I just had to stock up for the year so I have brought plenty of bottles to last me. I love them smell of this one it’s so sweet and the smell lasts a good few hours once I’ve finished in the bath and like it says on the bottle make a wish and wash that’s what I do! So let’s see if any of them come true.
Bubble-gum Lip Scrub.
I’ve been wanting this one for a while and every time I went into my local store they were sold out so when I got some finally I’ve fallen in love it makes my lips feel so soft and fresh afterwards and having the amazing tease as well just remind me of the old bubble-gum I used to eat when I was little. I love the colour as well PINK!
So there we go guys these are two things that I can’t live without, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and don’t forget to comment below I love hearing from you all.
Much Love

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