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Five Things Of The Week

*Photos are taken by me*
Hey guys! I hope your all doing well, I know I haven’t done one of these post for a few weeks now and I want to share with my five things but over the past 2 week’s! There has been a few things which I’m sure you all already know about if you have been reading my earlier posts, but I just love doing this five things and sharing with you what I’ve been up to in the week.
Hope you enjoy!

Cats – Loughborough Town Hall
Now I was given these tickets as a birthday present last year and finally the day came around when I could finally go and watch my favourite musical of all time! I was happy when I was given these of my brother. The musical as amazing and you can read my review here. It was everything I dreamed off even better, everyone who performed did amazing and I just wanted to be up there with me and be a part of the amazing show.
First, Second and Third Driving Lessons – Cathay Driving School
I can’t believe I am actually behind the wheel now learning to drive I have been so scared over the years but not I thought it was time to start learning and you know what it’s not as bad as it seems! Yes I have had a few mistakes but I’m learning. Cathay is amazing teacher and helping me every step of the way and she actually quite impressed with me on my stopping and starting specially on my first lessons she told me and I was shocked as well I didn’t even stall once on my first lessons but yet again I did go round a corner at about 50mph! WOOP’S! My second lessons went great as well doing some more stopping and starting and started learning junctions as well which I was quite scared of but you have to learn right? My third lessons was more junctions because I won’t lie to you all I am struggling with my turning and pulling off on these so a few more lessons are needed but so worth it in the end.
Weekend in Skegness – Seeing my Grandma
I haven’t seen my grandma for a good few months now and I thought with everything that’s been happing lately I wanted to spend time with my grandma even the booking the weekend off work was a nightmare! I finally got it off and went to see her with my mum and step dad and had a brilliant time. She was so happy to see me just like I was happy to see her even little mitzy moo as well.  Friday night was bingo night at her local pub and that was the first time I have every played bingo before and it was really good! Didn’t win thought I was always 2 numbers away. But I had an amazing time spending time with her over the weekend. My weekend away post will be coming up soon.
Buying more Lush products – Leicester store
Yes I know I have brought some more but I had to try these new ones that have come out for mother’s day and Valentine’s Day as well. I didn’t spends loads of money but I just love trying their new range and see which one is my favourite that post will be coming up shortly as well keep an eye out!
Me time – Relax and unwind
I just loving having some me time with my Yankee candles and a bath bomb in a nice hot bath and just forget about everything around me. I know many of you people out there enjoy doing this away but there just amazing! Once I’ve finished my bath ill either be reading my book or having a catch up game with my friend’s online playing Final Fantasy XIV Online yes! I can been a game geek as well.
So guys these are my five things of the week but also the past 2 weeks on this post! I hope you enjoyed reading speak to you all again soon
Much Love



  1. Sounds like you did some amazing things this week!
    I love cats also great musical

    Love your blog Amy!

  2. Hello!
    Thank you so much for reading dose mean a lot. and thank you for commenting as well.

    I hope your doing well?

    Thank you so much for loving my blog also.

    1. I'm doing great thank you and yourself?

      Yes I do I read it as much as I can when I get the chance to

  3. I'm very well thank you.

    I am very happy with that I love knowing there are people out there who enjoy reading what I write I owe all this blogging hobby to my friend.


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