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Lush Leicester Valentines Shopping Haul

Hey guys happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you’re having a great day even If you’re single or not, so recently I went to Lush in Leicester because I heard there Valentines range is out and I just love trying their new range of products. I know many people have probably already used these but this is the first time I used there Valentines and I wanted to share with you the products I got.

I know many of you already know these products but I have left the website here for you to go and check them out for yourself.
Hope you enjoy!
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
I know unicorns are probably not real but having one of these they are real! The colours of this bubble bar stand out so well and they go so well together, the smell coming from this one as well is to die for.! Having lavender oil, ylang ylang oil and neroil oil when I smelled this one I could smell the lavender right away. This bubble bar turns your bath into a lovely soft pink colour just perfect for any girly girl.
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb
Now this one is a cute one, the snow white and the little red hearts look so cute together this one would be a perfect gift for any girl. When I was told the little red heart are butter based to soften your skin that’s what I went for because I love using products that make my skin feel so soft afterwards. The smell of vanilla and orange oil just go so well together and once its placed in your bath it fills the whole room with this amazing smell.
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
I know this is in the mother’s day range but when I visited Leicester is was in there Valentines range as well and having the roses around the bomb looks very romantic to me so I wanted to add this one to my Valentines range, Now I do love the smell of this one so much the smell of this one is rose oil and lemon oil. When I used this one it turned my bath into a lovely baby pink and also had yellow rose petals floating around afterwards the two smells were to die for and I came out with such soft skin loved this one!.
Tisty Tosy Bath Bomb
I got recommend this one by the staff members I wanted another product to make she feel great once I’ve finished having an amazing bath not only does this look cute it also has several rose buds in this bomb as well. With the smell of Jasmine and rose oil its smells beautiful. I was told this would make my skin super soft and smooth so I’m looking forward to giving this product a try if it as good as they say they are I think I will be buying a lot more of these.
So there we go there is my Valentines shopping haul I hope you enjoyed reading this post if you have tried any of these products then please comment below and let me know what you thought about them I would love to know how you got on with them, Or if you recommend any I should try.
See you all again soon.
Much Love


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  1. These look super cute!
    Wish I could of tryed them while they were available.

    Maybe next year


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