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Yankee Candle Shopping Haul

*All photos are taken by me*

Hey guy’s hope you’re all doing great! So first pay day of the year finally came for me and with selling Yankee Candles where I work I just had to stock myself up on some of favourites ones. I’ve been a big fan of these candles for many many years now and every time they bring out a new one I just have to try it out but I always go back to my old favourites and I want to share with you all today my haul I think I’m stocked for a good few months now.
Pink Sands
This one has been my favourite the moment it came out the smell is just amazing even thought is called pink sands and I always wonder how they think Pink sands would smell like. But every time I light this candle it just remind me of walking alone a beach and just smelling the fresh air even thought this has a sort of sweet smell to it is always makes you feel calm as well.
Sweet Strawberry
Now everyone knows what strawberries can smell like so this one is simple but this candle remind of the strawberries laces I used to eat when I was younger and sometimes now every now and again. If you love strong fruit smells to fill up your home then this is the one for you. Even having it on for an hour your room is full of sweet berry smell. Just mouth watering!

Baby Powder
Now you all know what baby powder smells like don’t you? Well then that answer this really. I love this one I think it’s perfect to freshen your whole house with everyone loves this smell come on who don’t really? Just reminds me of when I was little and used to put baby powder everywhere brings back so many memoires. Have it lit for about an hour and your whole house will smell amazing trust me!
Summer Scoop
This candle is more of a summer time candle to me. Having ice-cream in the sunshine while just relaxing with your family or your friends, The smell of this one is amazing just makes me want to have a nice scoop of ice-cream every time I smell it, It’s such a sweet smell I love my strong smelling candles to fill up my room the smell of red berries and cream is just beautiful!.

Lemon Lavender
Well it’s in the name really Lemon and Lavender! To great smells all in one a nice Zingy smell of lemons but the relaxing smell of lavender. This candle relaxes me so much before going to bed I always light this one before going to bed and just relax and once the smell hits me I just feel so calm that I can just go straight to sleep. If you love your candles and want one to relax you then you should give this one a try you won’t be disappointed.

Mango Salsa
This one is my number one out of all of them by far, because I love my fruit smells and I love the smell on mango when I saw this one I just fell in love the smell is to die for! So mouth-watering I have this lit for hours because the smell never disappoints me at all! If you love you fruit smells then give this one ago it really makes you want to eat a mango as well I’ve had so many people ask me what candle this is when I have it lit because of the smell everyone I know loves this one it just wakes you up and makes you want to start you day.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my Yankee shopping haul. What your favourite If you have one or tell me which one I should try next I would love to know yours let me know below.
Much Love


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