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EOS Lip Blam | Beauty

Hey guy’s so another week and come and gone and to me this week has gone quite fast for me so I wanted to share with you another beauty I heard a lot about this product and I want to buy one and ever since I am not addicted to it.
So here is my third can’t live without post for you I hope you enjoy.
EOS – Lip balm Strawberry Sherbet
I watched reviews on this product and heard many different story like most products out there but I have fallen in love with is EOS it makes my lips so soft even after the first use, I suffer with dry lips quite badly and I try many different ones and nothing seem to work but this one does wonders. There 5 different flavours that I have seen so far but I went for strawberry sherbet and the taste is so mouth-watering and the smell just makes you want to eat it (but please don’t!). The shape of the product is eye catching the design and the shape of the balm I love because it just glides over your lips easier than any other lip balms I’ve used.
So if you haven’t tried this yet I would recommend giving it a go if you love your lip balms if it has worked for me it will work for you also if you already have one of this yourself comment below and tell me which one you have and how your finding this product as well I would love to hear from you.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Until next time.



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