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Chocolate Easter Cake

Hey guy’s hope you’re all doing well. So Easter is on its way and who doesn’t love a day full of chocolate? Waking up knowing you can eat chocolate all day long and not even care about it. I know I’m like that. So thought I would share with you my recent baking which is this amazing Chocolate Easter Cake.
 I’m sure many of you enjoy baking as much as me so why don’t you give this one ago and share a amazing cake with your family this Easter?
 Here is what you will need.
14oz Self Raising Flour
14oz Soften Butter
14oz Caster Sugar
8oz Coco Powder
7 Large Eggs
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
Mini Eggs (I used 3 bags)
Kit Kats (I used 3 snack packs)
1)      In a large bowl mix together your soften butter and caster sugar until soft and fluffy this would take about 5 minutes. Once combined is should look a soft cream colour. Add your eggs one at a time and mix together your mixture will look watery but don’t panic.
2)      In another bowl pour in your flour, coco powder and baking powder and mix together. Once all combined pour half of you dry ingredients into your sugar and butter and mix when it’s all combined add the rest of your dry ingredients mix together again until soft and cream.
3)      Grease your cake tin on the bottom and round the sides so once your cake is baked and cool it will be easy for you then to get out. Turn on your oven to 160’c and baking for at least 40 minutes to an hour.
4)      Once baked and cool it’s time to add a filling of your choice, I used Betty Crocker chocolate buttercream.
5)      When you have added you filling add more of you butter cream around the side of the whole cake and also cover the top add a bit more buttercream to top.
6)      Prepare your Kit Kats and start placing them around your cake side by side as close as you can (the closer the better) once the side of your cake is covered in Kit Kats it should then look like a basket.
7)      When your side is all complete pour on your mini eggs and spare along to cover the top of your cake.

And there we go your perfect Chocolate Easter Cake, Everyone in your household will fall in love with this cake just like mine did. Cut a slice of cake and make yourself a cuppa they go perfect together!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep an eye out for my next baking post if you have made this cake then please share with me and comment below I would love to see how yours. I love seeing your all amazing creations as well.

Until next time!


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