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Lush Shopping Haul - Leicester Store

Hey guy’s hope you’re all doing well? So another week is here time is going to fast I feel at the moment so recently I want and did another Lush shopping haul of course! I know there are many fans out there who love Lush products as much as I do and many of you have done some wonderful post that I’ve seen as well. So I wanted to show you my recent purchases from my local store.
Now if you have tried any of these then let me know below I would love to know what you thought about them as well.
Hope you enjoy!
Pink Flamingo (Bubble Bar)
I had my eye on this one for awhile but I though this time I would give it ago. I do like bubble bars the last reusable one I used to Twilight Star or Wishing Start one of them anyways, I love do so it’s time to go give this one ago but its look so cute to use it smells amazing also having coco butter in it yummy yummy.


Dragon Egg (Bath Bomb)
Now I wasn’t sure on this one but I want to try them all if possible when I was looking at this one I thought is it really going to do much when I pop in into my bath but when the sales assistant told me about what happens when you put it in I just had to give it ago having a nice glitter bath is always a good one for me but I did get told to not use it before going to bed it more like before going out round the town so I got told anyways.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment (Bath Oil)
Now this is the very first bath oil I have had from Lush when the sales assistant shown me this one the smell OMG! It reminded me of Snow Fairy and I love that product so that went straight in my basket I think it looks super cute with the pink and yellow and I’ve also been told its really good for softens the skin as well which is what I need. But this one looks to cut to use as well but I need to test it.
Intergalactic (Bath Bomb)
This one is my best one by far! The smell of mint is just amazing and once it’s in my bath the colours are amazing I could watch this one for hours and once I’m in the bath turns into a lovely dark blue colour with the hint of sparkle in as well and I just melt away with the smell. I’m always stocking up on this one I can never live without this one.

Blackberry (Bath Bomb)
This was a new one for me as well I brought this one a few weeks ago before this shopping haul and I love it the smell is nice and sweet and once it’s in the bath the colour looks amazing and nice dark purple and the scent of blackberry filling the room is just perfect.

Avobath (Bath Bomb)
LIME LIME LIME! I just love this smell of this one a nice strong smell of lime is just mouth watering it always want a nice Lime drink afterwards the colour as well is amazing a nice mint green but once I’ve finished I have the lime smell for hours! Now who don’t want to smell like that I mean come on!

That lush shopping haul! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope your looking forward to my next shopping haul. Don't forget to share with me your favourite ones as well I would love to know or if you recommend any I should try.

Until next time.
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  1. I love a Lush Bath bomb, at Christmas they used to have one called The Melting Snowman, I loved it. And then they stopped doing it! BAH! I usually but intergalactic for my children, they massively enjoy it lol.

    1. I cant live without these bath bombs now I'm hooked. I've never tried that one I'm hoping its going to be out this year so I can give it ago



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