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Cant Live Without 005 | Beauty

Hey guys I hope you’re all doing well. So I wanted to write another post on some items that I can’t live without.  There are a lot of things that I can’t live without like most people out there but it’s mostly beauty products for me.
So recently where I work we have started to stock The Body Shop and I have been a fan of The Body Shop for a good few years now and I just love there mongo collection and coconut. So I’m going to share with three products that I love from this range.

Hope you enjoy this post.
Having The Body Shop in my work now is just a life saver! Because we stock all the products that I love and use and when I saw we had two of favourite ones I just knew I had to stock up.
Mango Shower Gel
This shower gel is just amazing and small amount goes a long way. Mixing it with arm water you get some many bubbles that just fill your bath and the room with Mango, Its glides on to skin and leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and smelling like Mango for the rest of the day as well.
Mango Hand Cream
I suffer with dry hands in the bad weather and I struggle to find a hand cream that works then I thought I would give this ago the first one I ever used with the Strawberry Hand Cream but because I love the smell of Mango I got this one this time. After the first use my hands felt so soft and smooth and my dryness went within 30mins are applying it. So I would recommend this hand cream for anyone.
Coconut Soap Bar
I’ve never really been a big fan of soap because it always seems to make my hands dry after I’ve used it. But when I used this soap because it had natural coconut oil in it which helps soften your hands and always a great oil for the skin as well. So this is must have soap as well if your use soap bars in your bath room they come in many different smells as well.
Are you the fan of The Body Shop as well? If so let me know below what products you love and what you use the most I would love to hear from you all below.
Hope your enjoyed this post
Until next time


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  2. Love the body shop!!!
    Mango is my best one as well :)

    Love the handcream can't live without it


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