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Legally Blonde Musical Review - Curve Theatre Leicester

Director – Nikolai Foster
Choreographer – Nick Winston
Orchestrations & Arrangements – Sarah Travis
Designer – Matthew Wright
Elle Woods – Lucie Jones
Warner Huntington III – Danny Mac
Emmett Forrest – Jon Robyns
Paulette Buonofuonte – Tupele Dorgu
Serena & Margot – Cristina Hoey & Francesca Hoffman
Vivienne Kensington – Phoebe Street
Brooke Wyndham – Natalie Hope
Professor Callahan – Ian Kelsey
Hey guy’s so a couple of weeks ago I went to see Legally Blonde the Musical at The Curve Theatre in Leicester city centre. I been wanting to see this musical for a few years now and when I saw it was coming to Leicester I just had to grab a ticket and have a watch.
 Watching these TV stars perform in front of my own eyes is amazing even thought I was so used to seeing them on my TV it was once in a life time to see them on stage.
Ella Woods, a student of fashion design and president of her sorority who is dating Warner Huntington III who takes her to a restaurant. She is so excited thinking that he is about to ask her to marry him but to her vast dismay, he breaks up instead, as he thinks her career is worthless. Elle find comfort from her best friends to tells her to fight back for the man she loves, which leads her to a plan of following Warner into Harvard Law School. After much effort she scores well on LSAT test and combined with her 4.0 GPA. Harvard panel admits her. Arriving at Harvard Ella soon encounters Warner, but finds out that he is engaged to another classmate, Vivienne. To make thing much worse the studies are off to a poor start as she struggles to keep up with the reading and shows up late to her classes. Determined to prove to everyone she belongs there, Elle studies hard than ever before and receives an internship at the legal office of a fitness instructor named Brooke.
 Elle, using her fashion sense figures out that Brooke’s pool cleaner is gay, but Callahan dismisses her theory. However Emmett (Callahan junior partner) believes that she is telling the truth and during the case tricks the pool cleaner into confessing that he is gay. Callahan later then makes a move towards Elle but she rejects him by slapping him. Vivienne is angered and blames Elle for using sex to further her law career. With Elle frustrated with the events choses to leave Law school but with the help of her friends restores her self-esteem and she goes back to show them all that she can do it.
Brooke demands to know the whereabouts of Elle and asking why she has gone missing from the team. When Emmett explains Callahan’s behaviour to her Brooke fires Callahan on the spot. Elle having been hired back, conducts an aggressive court chat with Brookes step –daughter, making her confess that she was on the one who killed Brooke’s husband which was an accident as she was wanting to kill Brooke. Two years later, Elle gives the graduation speech at her law school after becoming the top of her class. Vivienne meanwhile has broken up with Warner and became best friends with Elle. Emmett has fallen out with Callahan and started his own firm and since he is in love with Elle, Intends to propose to and marry Elle.
My Review
OHMYGOD YOU GUYS!’ I adored this musical after watching the film it was so much more different I always wondered what it would be like in a musical and what sort of music and songs they would have but every song fitted in perfectly with each scene and each actor played there part amazing. The atmosphere was amazing everyone was laughing cheer and clapping along to each song
The stage was set out brilliant was well perfect for Mrs Elle Woods herself all nice and pink. Every song and dance was on Q no mistakes at all even with Bruise Woods came out to visit everyone I have never seen such a cute dog in all my life and he played the part amazing how the train a dog so small to do all that is unbelievable . What I loved most about the musical is they all interacted with the audience walking around us and sneaking seats next to people ready to play there part in the scene. The song were catchy as well I was singing them over and over again in my head after the show had finish and I still play them all now. This is one musical I would recommend you go and see I you’re a musical fan like myself. Everyone was just brilliant singing, dancing acting stage, light music even outfits. Knowing all the actors where off the TV made it even better and seeing Danny Mac with my own eye well you can imagine what I was think but come on who wouldn’t. Lucie Jones (Who sung on X Factor) did a fantastic job of playing Elle Woods because Elle Woods is such a bubbly character is played her perfectly every arm movement to the sound of her voice was all spot on she should be so happy on her performance. Everyone else in the cast played there parts amazing as well.  Curve Theatre you have done it again with another sold out show well done.
 I would recommend on seeing this musical while you can or even when it come to your local town you won’t be disappoint I promise you if you are already fan of the film you will be a fan of the musical and walking round singing OHMYGOD YOU GUYS!.
I give this musical 5 stars!
Have you been to see Legally Blonde? If you have comment below on what you thought about it I would love to hear from you all.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review.
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