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My 25th Birthday - 24th May 1991

Hey guy’s I hope you all doing well. So last Tuesday was my 25th birthday ahh!! Can’t believe I’m 25 already I feel so old. But never mind we have to grow up don’t we ha-ha. So I wanted to share with you what I did for my birthday
So I hope you enjoy reading this post.
On the Monday I met up with my best friend’s like we do each year for out birthday but this time we wanted to try out the new cineworld that opened up in Loughborough I have been wanting to visit cineworld when it opened but just never had the time. But when me and friends arranged to meet up we went to Belle Italian for food when I knew they had this restaurant here I was so happy because I just love Italian food.  When we arrived with was greeted but a very welcoming staff member who then showed us to our table.
It felt great to have time to spend with my two best girls because we have all been so busy with working we never really have time to see each other which is quite upsetting but we talk mostly everyday so I know there always here for me. We all order a cocktail of course we had to it was my birthday but the best part its Amy the day after mine. Do you want to hear a freaky story? When I met Amy we both found it so weird that our mums are both called Sue and our birthday are a day apart and we both have the same name when we hear that our faces dropped I still remember that day. Freaky right? We must have meant to be best mate’s ha-ha.
When we finally had a look at what food we wanted we ordered when the waiter came for our order he saw the birthday gift bags that me and Amy had and asked who’s birthday it was and when we said out both of ours and he asked out names and we told him he was shocked and started laughing at the same time and he even said how freaky that was as well. After we had our food and drinks it me and Amy thought it was time to pay and move on to out next location but all of a sudden we heard ‘Happy Birthday’ singing as the waiter came without birthday cake me and Amy was so embarrassed and both went red at the same time.
So after leaving the restaurant we wanted to grab one more drink before we all headed home so we went for some more cocktails which were on two for one which is always a good deal.
So when it came to the day of my birthday I woken up to all my gifts from my family and friends and I was so glad that I wasn’t working that day either. I really loved all my gifts I got.
*Brand new handbag
* Shrug dressing gown
* Bench gym top
* Once Apon A Time season 4
* Lush gift set
* Disney figure of Thumper
* Chocolates
*Skin Care – Elemis, Clarins
*Make – up
I treated myself to a couple of gifts to myself as well I got myself some new make-up and a new game! Yes I’m a game geek. After opening all my gifts and cards I spend the day with my sister and we went for a day out in Loughborough town centre and did some shopping like us girls do! While we was out I signed up to the gym as well! I know right me go gym? Ha-ha but no I signed up so me and my sister will be going together a few times a week now time to tone myself up! Once we was finished in town I went to visit my dad and spend an hour with him.
Once we finally got home I had all my family together and we just spent a normal night together having dinner and watching out soaps and Britain got talent of course! Once dinner was done and finished my mum came in with another birthday cake! A nice Victoria sponge with chocolate all over the top yum yum!. Once we all finished the cake we was all stuffed for the night and of course to finish off my birthday night I got my cuddle on Millie-moo (My Germen Shepherd). And that was the day over then.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got up to for my birthday! I will be writing a post about my new make-up I got so keep your eye out for that one if you love your make-up like me.
Thank you for reading don’t forget to comment below I love to hear from you all.
Until next time.


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