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1940's Weekend - Great Central Railway Station

Hey guy’s hope your all having a good day and also had a good week as well. So last weekend I went and visited my family at a 1940’s weekend at Great Central Railway in Quorn.
I was told a couple of weeks before that this event was coming to Leicestershire and every time they came I was working the weekend it was on but luckily I had that week and weekend off so I was able to go this one this year which was amazing!. I went down on Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon with my family. I go down to GCR a lot for steam rally’s or even just going to see friends from the rally’s that I go to.
When I got to station I was greeted by younger war time soldiers which I think was great way to start my afternoon “Welcome to 1940’s war time weekend, I hope you enjoy your day” Don’t something just like make you smile for the rest of the day or is that just me?

The first thing you saw when walking around the station was nearly everyone dressed up in 1940’s outfits which I think was really good because it really made you feel like you was part of the war time (even though I wasn’t dressed up!). There was so many different outfits young and old and everyone who wasn’t dressed up was taking photos and speaking to them all and getting to know them which is great I think I spoken to a few people as well. I knew most of the people that were at this event which was a bonus as well! There was many different war time vehicles around the whole place yes I won’t lie there was a lot of the same ones over and over again but I guess that what it was like in them times just like today as well.
When I got through the first half of the event I saw the beer tent and of course my family was there watching the dancer and just enjoying themselves and of course I went and had a drink as well and went inside the tent and watched the dancers and watch the singers as well. The dances they did back then was so fascinating I could keep my eyes of their feet! I know back then there dances were quite fast and just watching people do it was amazing I really wanted to try it myself!.

While I was seeing my family I saw of course Greengrass! (From Heartbeat) of course it wasn’t the real him! But when he was all dressed up in he’s outfit you couldn’t tell the difference at all it was unbelievable. Every time I see him I always have my photo taken with him he knows my family quite well cause he does come to quite a few steam rallies so that how we all know him. He came in Greengrass van which is the one from the show!

Because this event was on in three different station you could jump on the steam train and travel to the other station if you wanted to. Each station has a different set up and different things to see as well, I never got the chance to visit any the other this year but I will next year.

As I carried on around the station looking at all the different war time things I saw there was another field full of other things as well so I headed my way around to see what was happing around there as I was making my way I saw Louise! (The steam engine) so I just had to go and have a look and speak to owners. This engine is quite popular at the steam rallies because it a full size one it makes it to as many shows as it can and also because my family know the owners quite well we get to have a drive and ride on the engine when going down the local pub meets.

Once I made into the field it was full of war soldiers driving there jeeps around and doing a war performance just like the one in 1940’s shooting their guns, running, rolling and jumping around which was quite good to watch how it all happened. Once the performance was finished there are had there group photo taken and I thought that would be a great time to grab a photo with them all together.


All in all the show was amazing I had never been to one of these before and I’ve been wanting to go for a while now and I was so happy I could finally get to one I’ve told myself next year I will go dressed up as a 1940’s lady just like my mum did it looks so much fun. I feel this event is a perfect weekend if you’re into this kind of thing or even taking you family out to see even kids there is so much they can see and learn while they are there as well. You can sit inside the jeep, busses, steam engine can even hold guns! Now who doesn’t want to hold an old war gun? (Of course there not working! Well some are some are not.) You even got to sit inside a spitfire plane as well and turn on the engine! Now come on who wouldn’t enjoy doing that really?

There is just so much to do for everyone stalls, fair rides, food and drinks and much much more it is a really good day out for the summer. They do these event all over Leicestershire and event out of it as well you can find more information about the war time event and many other coming event right here.  Even if your just a lover of steam engine like myself just going to visit and going on a train is a great day out as well.

The afternoon was brilliant I really enjoyed it and I would recommend this event to anyone or even just visiting the station as well there is always something going on when you go down there. Did you go to this event at all guys or have you been to one before or you thinking of going next year? Trust me you was be disappoint if you do go! You learn so much from just spending a few hours there everyone talks to you about the items there watching even people dressed up and walking round speak to you and even have photos taken with them as well.
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post guys I have many more photos of the day as well so if you would like to see or even hear more about the event then please comment below or even e-mail me I would love to hear from you all.
Until next time
* There is a small fee when entering this events and other events that the station has for more information then please visit there website for prices and even train time.*


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