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Disney - 5 Movies I Love.

Hey guy’s I hope you’re all doing well. Now I know everyone loves Disney I mean who doesn’t? And if you know anyone who don’t then please to tell me! Cause in my eyes everyone is a Disney fan. So anyways I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Disney movies I’ve been watching recently.
I hope you enjoy this post.
I remember watching this film in the cinema and I loved it from the moment it started. I know it’s been out for a few years now but I just love the storyline knowing Bolt can’t live without he’s owner and will do anything to find her and save her. I also love the ending song as well it’s such a catchy song.
Now with tangled this one will be the top of these 5! I love all the songs in the film and it makes me cry every time near the ending and to have long golden hair like that would be a dream. Maybe not as long as hers. I think this film is a perfect princess film for any little girl and big girl for that matter and I’m sure many of you girls out there would like to fall in love with Mr Rider! Or is that just me? So tell me what your best part of Tangled?
Let it go! Let it go! Well we all know this popular song don’t we and many people have been a fan of this film as well including myself. This film watch a huge hit and I know the reason why I remember when it was in cinema and everyone was going to see it and I never had the chance to and I got to watch it once it came on DVD and you know what I’ve never looked back from that day and the songs got stuck in my head from the moment I watch it. I fell in love with the film and this one will always be in my top 5 no matter what.
Lady and The Tramp – Scamps new adventure
Now with scamp I remember getting this film when I was little because I mum knew how much I love animal films and I was so happy when I got it for my birthday on VHS btw! Old school.. Anyways this used to be my number one film back then I watched it every day and used to sing the songs around the house and at school because I love it that much! I’m not sure if many people have seen this film or not but this one always bring back so many memory’s from when I was little and I still play the song now and I love how I still know all the words and it still makes me cry to this day.

Now I remember seeing Maleficent in sleeping beauty and I never was a fan of her in that film she actually used to scare me and I’m still to this day not sure why. But when I saw they were making her story on why she become evil I wanted to see how her story went and you know what it’s a brilliant film! The story line if amazing and now I don’t mind her one bit now I would only watch her in this film thought because she a lot nicer in this one. Have you seen this one? And what did you think about it?

So are any of these film your favourite ones or do you have any others? Also have you watched any of these I would love to hear what you thought about them as well or better yet tell me one Disney film that you can’t live without comment below and let me know.

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  1. Aw I love this post! I love tangled! I love the song ''mother knows best' it always has me laughing! I also love lady and the tramp xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Yes that is a good song that gives me the giggles as well.

      I haven't wanted lady and the tramp for years but the second one is brilliant xx


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