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Guide Dogs Sponsor - Biscuit

Hey guys hope you’re all doing well. So a couple of weeks ago I saw on the TV Guide dogs for the blind and recently got my kit in the post. If you like sponsoring and helping people then this would be a good one for you to do, So I wanted to share with you why I’ve sponsored and who I have.

I hope you enjoy this post.
When I saw the TV advert I was wondering whether to sponsor a puppy or not, But what made me sponsor was a customer that comes to my work place who is blind with her guide dog and she is so lovely and I love speaking to her every time she comes into the store. When I saw the work her dog was doing for her that’s what made me think “Sponsoring a puppy for training will help someone in the future” and I was right.
I did some more research on the three website seeing what my donation would be doing and how it will be helping the puppy’s train every penny I’m sending them each week is helping every step my puppy takes which I think is amazing!
Here is a list of what they spend to create a guide dog partnership
*£3,200 Breeding a guide dog puppy
*£4,800 Puppy walking
*£16,200 Early training
*£12,300 Advance training
*3,200 Partnership training
*13,000 Supporting a working partnership
Stages of there training
0-6 weeks – Your puppy is still living with their mother and siblings and also playing. Exploring and napping just like puppies do when their babies. When it comes to their 6 weeks they go for their heath checks.
6 weeks – 4 months – Your puppy is growing bigger and stronger and now has moved on to their walker’s home, they start learning all the good manners and basic commands as well as how to walk on the lead perfectly.
4-14 months – Your puppy is getting used to their new area that they live in. It will teach them how to negotiate stairs, busying shopping areas and other meaning of transport. They will also get used to being around other people and other dogs.
14-17 months – Its time your puppy to go to guide dog training school. A professional trainer will slow introduce your puppy to a special harness and also dealing with kerbs and avoiding obstacles and everything else they need.
17-20 months – Your puppy will now be in the hands of a guide dog mobility instructor and will start to pull all your puppy training together. And also be searching for their blind or partially sighted person who’s just right for your puppy.
20-24 months - Your puppy is all fully trained and ready to move on with their new partner and settle down in their brand new home and live a happy life together.
When you sponsor a puppy you can chose out the puppies they are training at the moment when I had a look I wanted to support Biscuit he is super cute just like the other two but I was just drawn to her when I first saw her photo and her puppy cam I just knew I wanted to help and watch her grow to be an amazing guide dog for someone in a few months’ time! Now who doesn’t want to see that?
In the kit they send you, you get a certificate with your name and the puppy you have picked to sponsor you also get a magnet of your puppy, and photobook and each month they send you a new photo to add in to see the progress of your puppy whenever you feel like it. You also get a calendar of your puppy as well and a teddy bear, Which I think is super cute because if you sponsoring for someone that would be a great little gift to show your helping them and many other people out there.
I’m so happy that I have done this and knowing I’m helping so many people out there who need these guide dogs to help them through life and knowing my money is going to help the puppies train and be a caring home.
Have you sponsored your puppy yet? No go head and click here to sponsor one every penny counts or even making a small donation can help
So please find it in your heart and spend 5 minutes to fill in their online form and sponsor a puppy of your own! It can help so many people out there who need these puppies in their life.
Thank you so much for reading this post, If you have already sponsored a puppy please comment below and tell me who your supporting and watching grow up I would love to hear from you all.
Until next time.

*I wrote this post to support Guide Dogs and hoping people will sponsor a puppy as well for more information then please visit there website or give them a call.*


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