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Krispy Marshmallow Doughnut Rings

Hey guy’s I hope your all doing well, I wanted to share with you another baking post that I have recently made and I love these once they were finished and they have been a big hit with my family friends I’ve had my family members ask me to make them a batch for myself so I have order list now. So here is everything you will need and the method on how to make your own batch.
Hope you enjoy reading.
Rice Krispy’s (However many you want to make) – (I used half a box)
1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows
2 bags of White Chocolate Chip’s
1)      In large bowl pour in your Rice Krispy’s and set aside until later.

2)      In another pan on a low heat place in a small amount of butter and let melt once melted pour in your bag of mini marshmallows and mix until there all melted. (Don’t stop mixing or they will burn.)

3)      When they are melted then pour your marshmallows over your Rice Krispy’s and mix until everything is covered in melted marshmallow.
4)      Roll out a sheet of baking paper and place over a flat tray, once you’re ready put a small amount of butter into your hand and rub in (This is easier to hold you mixture.) Grab a amount of mixture you would like and roll into a ball – make sure you squeeze it together so it holds its shape, press down with the palm of your hands then make them flat, push your finger through the middle to make your doughnut ring and play around until your 100% happy with them. Then place onto your tray once you have finished making all your doughnuts place them in the fridge for 30 to 45 minutes to set.

5)      Fill a pan with water ¼ of the way full just enough so there an enough water touching the bottom on your glass bowl, Place your glass bowl into the pan (but make sure is bigger than the pan so it’s easier for you to lift out.) Place your white chocolate into your bowl in small chunks and mix until melted. Once melted place aside to cool down.

6)      Take out your doughnuts from the fridge and they should be cool to touch. Dip one side of your doughnuts into your melted chocolate and lift out slowly, Smooth out any areas that are not covered in chocolate and place back on to your baking paper and cover in sprinkles, Repeat the same process with each one. When they are all covered place back in the fridge until the chocolate is set.

7)      And there we go your Rice Krispy Doughnut Rings.

And there we go perfect doughnut rings perfect for any party or just for a snack or even just a Sunday treat quick and super easy to make. Let me know below if you have made your own before it even if you’re going to try making these yourself I would love to see your creations.

Until next time

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