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Rush Hair Salon - Leicester City Centre

So there is a brand new salon opening up in Leicester and it opened today in fact! 13th August 2016 it’s called Rush Hair you can’t miss it on 50 High Street, Leicester city centre. I was invited down for a press night a couple of days before the opening and I was so happy to be given an invite to such an amazing place! I love getting my hair done and anything along the lines of doing my hair just makes me feel so happy so I just had to come down and look at this brand new Salon.
It’s nice and bright inside and out and stands out from the rest of the crowd, When I walked inside I was amazed on how nice it looks I’ve never seen a Salon so beautiful in my whole life. The black and the white go so well together and the products around the salon gives it a pop of colour just make it perfect.

When entering the store we was greet with a nice glass of bubbly by the fantastic staff members who also given us all note pads and name tag so it makes it easier for everyone to know who we all are and to get to know each other so much better.
There were many different stations set up for us to try, including hair curling, braiding, styling and many others. It was perfect to watch how they do it and even getting told how to do them our self, with me having short hair I wasn’t too sure if I could have curls and I was proven wrong I had my hair styled by a lovely young girl member called Rosie she showed me how to style and curl my hair quick and easy and I loved it once it was complete.
As I carried on talking to the staff members I started speaking to Shane who spoke to me about hair colouring and cutting and what sort of colours would suit me with my style of hair, He was so helpful and open about everything he told me and even when I spoken to him about the colours I’ve always wanted to have he told me to get my hair ready and what colour would be best to apply next to soften my colour down that I have at the moment. He even suggested some colours he thought would look great on me, When he told me I was like “WOOO really?” But after he explained it more to me I started to like the idea, he offered to do it for me all I need to do was book an appointment with him and we can start rocking and rolling. So I shall see you soon Shane.

After I got to speak to all of the staff members I was so happy with how much they had to offer and the amazing feedback they given me to help me improve my hair (I’ve been wanting to for a while now.) I also asked what kind of shampoo would be best for me to use and they took me straight the one that they knew would work for me. But because they wasn’t open just yet I was unable to buy any of the products from them, but I knew I will be going back to purchase from them and even book myself an appointment.
I had such a fantastic night that I didn’t want it to end but every event has to come to an end. I would recommend you give Rush Hair a visit next time you are visiting Leicester or even pop in to say hello or even if you have any questions they are always happy to help no matter what your question is so don’t be shy to say hi!
Congratulation Rush Hair on such an amazing opening you all should be so proud of yourselfs you have done a brilliant job. The place is beautiful and I have already recommend my family members to come down and see you. Thank you so much for invited me to your special evening and I hope you have many more fantastic days to come!
Thank you so much for the goodie bag also they were amazing.
If you would like to book an appointment with Rush Hair or have any question you can visit their website right here
(*I asked for a photo of all the staff members on the night and was sent this image of approval*)

Thank you so much for reading guys and don’t forget to comment below I would love to hear from you all.
Until next time
*You can watch my VLOG on this event right here on my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe*


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