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Too Faced Chocolate Bar - Eyeshadow Collection Review

So I know many of you out there have heard of this new range called Too Faced (if it is a new range that is) I’ve seen a few people talk about this eye shadow collection and I was debating whether to buy it myself or not so I thought I would treat myself to this collection and I wanted to share with you all my thought about this eye shadow collection.
First I want to talk about the packaging I love the whole look of the product I love how the box that is comes in is a chocolate bar cover it kind of reminds me of a French theme (I’m still not sure why to this day but to me it dose) I like the colour on the box the pinks and creams it stand out to me and also looks nice and girly as well.

 Moving on the collection itself I think it brilliant how when you open up the box the pallet actually looks like a chocolate bar itself! It just like opening up the wrapper and having the amazing chocolate but unfortunately I can’t eat this one even though it does look quite good to eat. When I opened up the pallet all I could smell was chocolate which is just amazing how they got eye shadows to smell like chocolate! I’d love to know how they do these crazy things! Every time I use it now I just have to smell it for a few seconds.

I love to pigmented the colours are in the collection they stand out in the pallet itself and I love the name they have given each one as well they all remind me of chocolate which is SUPER CUTE

White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Gilded Ganache
Salted Caramel
Crème Brulee
Haute Chocolate
Strawberry Bon Bon
Cherry Cordial
Black Forest Truffle
Candied Voilet
Triple Fudge
Champagne Truffle

I am obsessed with the collection every since I brought it I have used it every day and I love how the colours just pop on my eye they are so easy to blend and you can make so many different styles from day to night and they last all day! Which is a best part because some of the shadows I have used before never lasted the whole day but they just last until I want to take it off.
They glide on just like butter and I also like you can make them stronger in colour the more you apply. The colours are the perfect nude collection for any girl out there who love there nudes just like me and the names of each shadow is great as well. I have not used all the colours yet but I have five that I use for my every day make up which include White Chocolate all over the lid to brow bone, Salted Caramel in the crease of my eye and blend upward towards the brow bone, Semi-Sweet in the crease of my lid to add more effect and blend to the outer corner, Triple Fudge the outer comer of my eye and blend to the middle of my eye lid and Crème Brulee I build this over my eye lid from inner corner to middle eye lid and blend I add more of this colour to make it look strong also just wetting my brush makes the colour more pigmented.

Overall I absolute love this collection it is now my number one eyeshadows that I will used to it all gone! So many great shadows and so many different looks which I have yet to test. The packaging is perfect the shadows are perfect over all I give it 10 out 10.

I would highly recommend you try this collection if you are stilling thinking should I or shouldn’t I? Yes I won’t lie it’s a bit pricey but to me it worth every penny for how long it’s going to last, Too Faced has three different eye shadow collections called Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Bon Bon they will be the next two I will try but from looking how the range of make-up they have I think I might have to get a few more items to my collection.

 So yes go and give this pallet ago trust me you won’t be disappoint and I can promise you that now!
You can pick up Too Faced products at Debenhams or there website Too Faced.

I really hope you enjoyed this post guys and I hope I made you chose to buy this collection if you have been thinking about it if you have gone and brought or even if you have it now let me know in the comment what you think about it I would love to hear your thoughts about it and which is your best shadow colour in the collection?
Until next time
*Everything in this post is my honest thoughts about the product you can find anything else you need to know what the products on there website*
*Made with 100% Natural cocoa powder*


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