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NARS Cosmetics - Review

  I’ve been going through a phase of foundations at the moment trying to find the perfect one for me to use. I was so used to using powered foundation and I wasn’t a huge fan of liquid ones until I saw a video on YouTube about NARS foundation and from watching the review I thought I would try it out for myself.
I was looking all over my local town to find where I can get a face match for the right shade to wear but I was told they don’t sell them in my town. So I had to give it a shot and buy online but luckily I got my sister to help me pick a shade and we went with DEAVILLE – Light 4 when they sent me my parcel they sent me a tester just in case the shade wasn’t right for my skin.
FINALLY! I found one that matched my skin so well! The shade was perfect.

Its super easy to apply and you don’t even need a lot to cover your whole face which is what I love about this product it covers everything that you want covered that’s even before I put on concealer, I also got myself a concealer as well in the shade VANILLA – light 2 even though it’s a bit darker then my foundation and I was quite worried about trying.
when applying the foundation I love how fast it is to apply it literally only takes a couple of seconds for it to cover everything you need to hide and makes your skin look and feeling amazing, I look so much more healthier when wearing this product. The concealer is quick and easy to apply also I place this under my eyes and just over areas where I might have brake outs or even just to hide some red spots, I even use this without the foundation if I don't have time to do a whole face and just want to cover up some parts.
(Bottom – Vanilla concealer Top – Deauville foundation)
Overall I love both of these products. Super lightweight easy to apply and looks great on the skin now who wouldn't want a foundation like that? I know there are many other foundation out there that do the same thing but NARS to me beats all of them I have even stopped using powder foundation now that is big for me.
It gives my skin a amazing glow just like it says in the bottle - Sheer Glow Foundation and trust me it does give you the best glow ever!. I will be stocking up on this product once it coming to an end. I'm now want to try many more of their products including their lipsticks because the just FANTASIC
Are you using NARS cosmetic? If you are let me know what you think about them and even tell me what product I should try next.
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