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Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

So for today’s post I wanted to share with you all about my new range of make-up I have ordered from Tanya Burr I’ve been wanting to get some of her products for a while now and I’m so glad that I finally got some even though some of the ones I wanted are STILL out of stock.
As you all know I have a big love of make-up and I love trying new brands and I saw so many reviews about Tanya Burr products and I seeing all the looks I just had to order some myself so I ordered.
Birthday Suit Eyeshadows
Rosy Cheek Blush Pallet
Just Peachy Lip Gloss
Rhubarb and Custard Matte Lip Stick
When I first tried her Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Pellet I have to apply about 4 coats over my eye to make the colour stand out but I really like it the shades in this pallet are great as well nice soft nude colours and you should know from my last couple of posts that I like my nude colours.  The shadows are nice and creamy which is good they feel so soft to the touch which I think is why she called it (Soft Luxe Collection.) There is another eye shadow set in this range which I’m wanting to try next.
Her Rosy Cheek Pellet now this one I do love! I have falling in love with the bronzer and the blush they are such nice soft colours. Because I was so used to my original bronzer I was using before but now I got this set this one now is my number one it goes so well with my skin tone and you don’t need a lot at all which is also a great thing. The blush I had to place a couple of coats on to get the pink to show but it looked amazing when it was on. The highlighter is good to when you want a bit of shine on your face to but I haven't really tried that much at the moment.
Now the Just Peachy Lip Gloss is my favourite one out of this kit so far it love the packaging (I like the packaging on all of them!) But the smell of this as well is just to die for! It smells just like peaches I love the colour of this product it glides on so well it’s so shiny which is what I love about it.
Rhubarb and Custard Matte Lip Stick now this is a completely different matte lip stick to what I normally wear and the colour is amazing the only downside to this product is when it’s on it seems leave a line on the inside of my lips so you can see that it matte I’m not sure if many of you had this problem as well or I’m just applying it wrong. But other than that is quick and easy to apply and I love the colour and how it feels on the lips I’ll be keeping this one in my bad at all times.
Overall I love all of these products and I will be using them till every drop is gone! And I’m so looking forward to her new collection which comes out later this month. So tell me do you use Tanya Burr? If you do let me know below what you love about them and which ones you love the most.
Check out my video review below!
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