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Lush Event - Leicester

So I was invited to attend the Lush Event in Leicester city centre and I was so excited when I received a invite, This was the first Lush Event I was attending and I couldn’t wait because you all know how much I love my Lush products and being able to see the sneak previews of the new Christmas range was special.
Before heading the event I met up with Kirstie - Behind The Scent for a catch up and we headed off to get some ice-cream and a bit of of shopping while we was waiting for some more of our fabulous friends, After we done a bit if make-up shopping when then met up with Lianne – The Brunette Says and Stephanie – Priceless Life Of Mine and we headed off to Pizza Express and hand some YUMMY pizza’s. After we had out meal we then headed down to event and was greeted by some lovely staff members at the door who given us out passes and welcomed us to event with such smiles on their faces

Once we was inside I couldn’t believe how many people turned up I saw so many people that I already knew from pass events and meeting new people was great to putting the faces to blogs and Instagram’s all the staff members that were running event was so nice and everyone was talk to each other and they did so many examples of bath bombs and bubbles bars and so much more.
I got so excited when we was able to make our own products that I knew I had to get my hands stuck in and we all made our own bubble bar and bath bomb and the amount of smells coming from the workshop room were amazing! While I was upstairs I got along so well with one of the staff members (And I forgotten his name I’m so sorry!) He was so funny and made everyone laugh and I could tell everyone was just enjoying watching him and teaching us how to make each product and yes I did get a cheeky selfie with him of course I had to who wouldn’t?

I had such a fantastic time that I just had to purchase some items while I was there all of the new Christmas range is amazing and being able to see them work their magic was also another great thing! There is so much to choose from that sadly I couldn’t buy all of them but I did end up buying some of the Halloween range and a couple from the Christmas Range but I will buying the rest of the range in the future of course! It just felt so much like Christmas that night with all the songs playing and the smell of Christmas around me I just loved every moment of it and I really didn’t want it to end.
Overall I have a fabulous evening and I loved to go again next year *fingers crossed* I’d like to thanks Lush Leicester for inviting me to this amazing event and making one of my blog events come true because once I heard you did events I just wanted to be a part of one I’m so happy that I came and met all of you team and saw all of my blogger friends again.
What I also loved about the event is before we left we was all given a goodie bag with some amazing samples of shower creams, shampoo, face masks and so much more I never thought we would get anything so I would like to thank the team for given me and the rest of the girls a brilliant goodie back this is a night I will never forget.

Out of all the Christmas range I saw I do have three favourites that I want to test in the future which are.
Northern Lights – Bath Bomb
Red Ruby Slipper – Bubble Bar
Golden Wonder - Bath Bomb
You can watch my vlog about this event below and you can find my Lush Haul on the products I brought on my channel right here.
Did you go to this event this year? If you did comment below and tell me what you thought about it and what products you brought and what you enjoyed the most about it.
Hope you enjoy reading this post guys!
Until next time

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