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What I Love About Autumn

So it’s come round to that time of year again where the nights are getting colder and darker a lot faster but its also time for the leafs to change and wrapping up warm in your best coat and hat and many other things possible to keep you warm.
Like I did last year I want to share with you all what I love about autumn. So many people I know love this time of year and so do I and here is why.

Changing Of Colours
What I love about this time of year is seeing the leafs change from summer green to a perfect orange. It just make your scene so much more calming and I just love looking at the different reds, oranges and browns when going out for a walk it’s just perfect.
Bonfire Night
I don’t know what I would do without Bonfire night specially because I get to celebrate my step-dads birthday but what I love the most is just being with the people I love and watching a perfect fire with some amazing firework display.
The Perfect Hot Chocolate
Now I know many of us out there love our hot chocolate and so do I but what I love the most is when there are many different kinds that come out for the season from Pumpkin Spice to Toffee Apple but mine at this moment in time is Toffee Apple I love that! They go perfect when you having one of them days but a hot chocolate and a walk in a beautiful park always takes my stress away.

Hot Bubble Bath
Now you all know how much I love my baths with the perfect bath bomb and the perfect set of candles but this time of year mean I can have them a lot more! Just to get all snuggled up with a good book and some candles who doesn’t love this?

When autumn is on its way I know the fair is just round the corner and I love this fair so much! Spending time with friends and going on a few of the rides and just enjoying the evening and ending it with some candyfloss and a good hot chocolate. Also HALLOWEEN! Now I know many people love Halloween getting all dressed up and having party’s or even taking the kids out trick or treating.

Wrapping up with a good book
So many people love reading and I’m one of them people but what’s better is with these nights getting dark that means you  snuggle up under and nice blanket with good book and a cup of tea and just get lost is the fantasy world of your own what can beat that?

So Close To Christmas!
Yes once the cold nights hits you, You knowthat Santa is on he’s way and who doesn’t enjoy that? Everyone love Christmas and I’m one of them people! Seeing all the cute decorations just feeling all festive! But what I love most about Christmas is the people I spend it with my family my Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without them and seeing them smile when they open there gifts and just having a great time.


So that’s a couple of thing I love about autumn so tell me what do you love about this time of year? Comment below and let me know you think.


Until next time



  1. There's such a thing as a toffee apple hot chocolate?! How have I not heard of that before.

    1. Yes Costa are selling them at the moment and they are heaven! 😍 x

  2. I agree, there's just something about the leaves turning! It's just beautiful! And there's nothing better than a candlelit Lush bath when the weather starts getting a bit colder! :)

    1. Hello beautiful! Yes i loving see them change as well its amazing. The bath bombs as well are just great for this time of year as well 😊


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