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Zoella Christmas Range

Hey guy’s so as you can all see I am back with another beauty post, but this time I want to share with you all about Zoella’s new Christmas Range I haven’t been able to get my hands on all of them just yet because they flew out so fast so I’m hoping to get the rest once they come back in stock.
This range is based on Gingerbread scent and I absolutely love this smell I never really used to be a fan of them smell but this range has changed my mind for the better! It’s not an over powering smell and just a nice one you can wear every day and it really does get me in the Christmas mood.
The first thing I got was..

Zoella Beauty Lip Balm Duo (Gingerbread & Vanilla)
I have never tried her lip balms before and I was so looking forward to trying these I wanted them in her older ranges but I could never see any in stock so I got these to and they taste amazing! The vanilla is perfect for me to use every day to keep my lip nice and soft the ginger bread is a nice one to use to make me feel all cosy! The Gingerbread has a bit on shimmer in it so it makes my lips so shiny which I love and the Vanilla is just your normal everyday lip balm.

Zoella Hungry Hands – Gingerbread Hand cream
I do love my hands cream especially around this time of year anyway because my hands get so dry and it can be so annoying! Anyone else ever feel like that? This has a perfect smell of ginger bread and vanilla as well and it makes your hands so soft even with the first go! You don’t need a lot which is great because with some hand creams you need quite a bit but this one is perfect for me and so festive and I just love to show it off to everyone I’ve even had a few people trying some themselves.
Zoella Snap, Fizz, Relax – Bath fizzers
Now you all know I love my bath kind of products specially bath bombs and when I saw that Zoella had brought out her own bath fizzers I just had to try them and when saw she had some in her Christmas range I just knew I had to buy them and add them to my bath bomb collection I love how they look like little ginger bread men and you can get six baths out of the product you have three whole gingerbread men that you can snap in half and watch them fizz away and relax in a nice bath of ginger bread now who doesn’t want that?

Zoella Deck the Bubals – Bubble Bath
Oh my god! Now I just think is product is super cute! I love it packaging! It looks like a Christmas bubal and I so badly want to hand this up on my tree at Christmas. It has a ginger bubble bath but this is much sweeter than the other products to me its smell like the icing you put on your gingerbread men or house. It has perfect gold sparkles inside and you don’t need much at all to fill you bath with ginger bread bubbles.
Zoella Secret Scenta – Mini Mist Set
Now this perfect gift set is great for every Zoella fan out there because in this collection you get one of each mist spray from her collections in this set! And there all little baby size ones which are SUPER CUTE I never tried them all before and thought it was a great idea to get them all together now but the ginger bread one is great it has the hint of chocolate in there as well and when you spray this one you do feel ready for Christmas and I know will be wearing this Christmas morning. The other sprays in this collection are
Blissful Mistfull
Lets Sprits
Sweet Inspirations
Bake My Day


There we go guys that is a few things I got from the Zoella Christmas range let me know in the comments what you think and what ones you have as well if you are a Zoella fan.
Check out my YouTube video below on these products.
Until next time

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