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California #1

So I’ve been in California for three days now and I’m having so much fun already and I know there is so much more to come. When I was invited to come back with Joey for two months I wasn’t too sure at first but you know what I’m glad I come in the end because I’ll never get this chance again and so many people have told me that and you know what they’re all right.
The only thing what was worrying me the most was flying and when it came to the day my anxiety kicked in and I’m sure many of you know what anxiety is the worst thing in the world! But I had to calm myself down and just get through it and you know what I did! We had to take two different planes to get here but first we traveled all the way to Gatwick Airport in London once we got there we then got our first flight to Iceland then had about an hour overlay then went on to our next nine hour flight to San Francisco once we finally landed it was then traveling another four hours to get to Fort Jones so you can guess what I was doing.. that’s right fast asleep in the car the whole way there as I had been up for over twenty four hours. 

When it came around to the next morning I woken up and forgotten where i was because i thought it was all just a dream I was even shocked when Joey walked into the room! For my first full day Joey and Kara (hes mum) took me out for some breakfast and i some french toast covered in pancake batter which was so nice! Now i see why we don't have this kind of food in the UK.

Once we has finished our breakfast Kara wanted to take me in one of the little clothes shops that she loves so we took Joey back home and had a bit of girly time which is what every girls needs right? So in this little shop they had some many cute little thing! There was so much in there that I wish i could of brought everything! When we got back to the Ranch Joey started to show me round showing me all the animals but me being me I just wanted to be with the horses! you all know how much i love my horses. One thing lead to another and we kind of ended up having a water fight instead..Yes i did start that one as well because I'm MEAN so Joey says anyways.

As the day went on Joeys to younger brothers Riley and James took me to show there baby kittens which i never knew were here but they are the sweet's things in the world i just want to take them home with me.

But yes for the rest of the day was just spent with hes family and getting to know them all and just having a good time we ended up going for a meal which was a lot of fun its nice seeing a whole new world apart from where i come from lets just say its a dream come true in my eyes and I couldn't be anymore happy!

So that is my first couple of days being here so far you can watch more of my days on my first VLOG below and ill be doing more videos and posts to keep you all up to date with how its all going.

I hope you enjoyed this first post guys!

Until next time


  1. Ah what an amazing opportunity Amy, hope you have a fab time!

    1. It is amazing I'm starting to get a bit home sick now thought but I'm loving it! Xx


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