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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar Window 1 *

Merry Christmas guys! I can’t believe is the 1st December already how fast has this year gone? So I wanted to start my very first BLOGMAS and I wanted to do my beauty calendar and show you what I get in each window. So today I’m opening window number one.

And here is what I got and what I think about it.

So my calendar this year is bareMinerals Countdown to Gorgeous 24 days of merry makeup surprises and by the name of it you know it will be full of surprises.  So in window one I got my first moxie lip-gloss in a glossy peach colour.

I’ve been using bareMinerals for a few years now so I know many of the products and the lip gloss are great and having them in a mini form is so sweet. I’ve never had a peach lip gloss before so I was looking forward to trying this one. It super easy to apply on my lips the only downside to this shade is when it’s on the lips you can’t see the peach colour as much as it shows in the tube which I think it quite a shame because it would have been a nice lip gloss otherwise.

Another thing about this lip gloss is once it applied your lips it has a tingly feeling like when you have a super strong mint and when you breath in you get this crisp coldness in your mouth I know that’s not a good way of putting it but it me it feels that way.

So that is my first advent calendar window treat I have. Do you own your own beauty calendar let me know below what you have and what you got in your first window?

See you back here tomorrow for window number 2.

Until next time

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