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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar Window 3 *

WINDOW 3! Wow this month is going fast yet again the 3rd of December is already here but you know what that means it’s nearly Christmas! I hope you have all sent your letters to Santa by now. Anyways so it’s time for me to open window 3 and share with you all what I got in this window today.

So let’s look behind window 3.

So in today’s window I got a nude lipstick in the shade Nude Passion I love how all these items are super mini there so cute! Now I won’t lie I have never tried there lipsticks before I’ve only really wear there eyeshadows and blushes because they are what I like the most. But this lip stick glides on just like butter and I mean glides I can’t believe how simple it is to apply these but it also feels so creamy on my lips which is also another good thing about this lip stick.

The only downside I have to this is once it’s on my lips the doesn’t look the same colour as it is on my hand or even the lipstick holder itself weather I need to apply I few layers I’m not sure but it guess it can be one of them lipstick that if you just want something on your lips this can be quick and easy one to do.

So that is what I got in window number 3 overall im happy with how it looks I’m just not a fan of it not really standing out on my lips but I can use it as a quick everyday lip stick.

What did you get behind your third window today? Comment below and let me know.

Until next time

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