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* BLOGMAS - Advent Calendar Window 9 & 10 *

Welcome back guys so I’m doing another two windows together because I have realised over the days it’s much better to write about two in one post then do one for each day. I know many of you might think well that silly! But with Christmas coming up and being in California for Christmas I’ve just been so busy with Joey’s family and doing Christmas shopping and visiting places. So I’m here with window nine and ten.

So I got ANOTHER PINK lipstick to add to my collect of pick lipstick and I’m so happy with this colour. I love how it comes in a cute pink case as well and says “Pop of Passion” just like my last lipstick I got. When I tried this one the colour looked amazing even though I had to apply a few coats its an nice subtly colour to the lips and I think it’s a perfect colour to wear for winter as well.

Just like my last lipstick it glides on my lips just like butter I worn this colour today and I won’t lie it lasted on my lips for about 5 hours then I had to apply it but that was without having a drink or even any food. Which I don’t think it too bad for a lipstick but if your wanted one to last for at least 8 hour then I wouldn’t recommend this one. This one is just if you wanting some colour on your lips.

Behind window number ten I got a nice face bronzer which I never thought I would get in this advent calendar I won’t lie. But when I open it and saw that it was I did jump for joy (I know weird right?). I know you all know how to use a bronzer and what it does so I really don’t need to go into depth about this one but just like the foundation, eye-shadows and blushes you “Swirl, Tap and Buff” simple right?

The only thing is because I have such pale skin when I tried this bronzer it was so dark on me I wasn’t sure if its cause I used to much or it is just too dark but if that the case I’m sure my sister will use it once I get back home. This also has a shimmer to it as well so it is VERY glittery once applied this one I think would be best to use if you have a Christmas party, Wedding or even just a night out but for everyday I’m not 100% sure. But I do love it though!

So that is everything for windows nine and ten. Do you own any of these yourself? Comment below and let me know which you have.

Until next time


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